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Monday, December 21, 2015

Nao Kanzaki's top ten for 2015.... #9- Yui Aragaki

 Unfortunately the number one ranking she didn't achieve but a top finish is mighty impressive, didn't plan it but the first two in the inaugural top ten list happen to be from the small isle of Okinawa.

 Have to say where to place Gakky has been the hardest thing about making this top ten list, she's at #9 but easily could have been #17. Gakky is one of those females you sometimes take for granted, she's quite a beauty but have to admit some females blow her away but then again most of them are nowhere near making the top ten list while she did.
 Kind of felt obligated to put her on my first ever top ten list, I've really been a huge fan for over a decade since I first saw her in "Dragon Zakura" back in 2005 and then a couple of Japanese mags promoting the "Shibuya 15" drama. To me at least though she's kind of faded a bit over the last five years, she's a fine actress but really hasn't improved as much as her peers. Of course she's beyond attractive but that's another thing which hasn't really changed over the years, actually that could be a good thing to say.
 But as I mentioned Gakky has been a huge, huge fave of mine for so long just wouldn't seem right not having her on this list. Hope the above thoughts didn't seem negative because they really weren't meant to be, just seemed as though not much has changed about her over the last few years which you good look at either in a good or bad way.
 Let's put it this way then, if Gakky knocked at my door I would hope she knows CPR for more reasons then just for me passing out. There is one thing I do miss a lot about her and that's her singing career which stopped in 2010. At the time she had three albums which did fairly well and so didn't most of her singles, bit confused why it stopped so suddenly. If you do get the chance really recommend listening to her music as msot of it's quite good, after the pics is the PV for her "Make my Day" single. On to some great pics then, Gakky is a bit conservative you've probably noticed but to me that's a plus as she doesn't need to dress skimpily to prove how fabulous she looks.

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