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Monday, April 11, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: Thanks for.... 3,000,000 views!!!!

 Gulp, why do her comments always put my imagination into ultra hyper-drive!?

 Been a while but actually those 'whiles' seem to be getting shorter. First million views took over two years to obtain, the next million only took about ten months. Now this last million has eclipsed that record as it took only 8 1/2 months which has brought us to the three million mark!!!!
 Never had a goal when I first started this blog, the views were so low for the first year or so never really gave much thought about that stat. But these last two years the view counts have really taken off, through trial and error(s) found out how to make a blog look somewhat good. You really should post on a consistent level plus you need to make the posts a bit interesting and unique, don't think there are many sites in English that do these kinds of posts though there are a few other good ones out there. 
 Just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who keeps coming back and viewing these posts, hope you continue to keep visiting here. Also have never thought about how long this blog will stay alive, don't mean it in a way that it'll be stopping soon. Just wonder if I'll still be posting two, five or even ten years from now. 
 Lot of that could be on how long my faves stay active, as you get older you'd prefer to post about the ones you've been following for a while as these days I'm really not attracted to 18 years old's or not nearly as much as when I was that age. Best not to think ahead though, hopefully that's not a situation that will arise for a few more years. 
 For those of you who like stats here's a few from Google, your individual stat page is fairly decent. Figured that magic number was hit early in the afternoon EST, didn't take these screenshots until a little after 5 pm. Viewers from Japan and really Southeast Asia really dominate the views, guess there's a lot of English readers in those countries though I do have their Kanji name in the tags which may mean they just like viewing the pics.

 Coming close to wrapping this up, hope Nanami is referring to the writer of this post and not all of the viewers!!

 Few of you may remember my first 'Top Ten' list which was done in December. It's been only four months but that list has certainly changed since then. However there are two who are so far and above all of my other faves won't be including them in any future lists.

 Been thinking about that list lately, what embarrasses me more than anything was who was left off that initial list. At the time my current #1 may not have had that position but easily would have been in the top three, still shocked how she was overlooked. You could call this a preliminary list as the official first one for the year will be done at the end of June. Two pics each going from the top spot to #10, hopefully don't need to tell you their names. Actually kind of having a hard time with the last two spots so will just call this a current 'Top Eight for 2016', every position changed from that first list except my fave who is in the #5 spot.

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  1. Congrats man. You'll end up running this blog longer than you think. I just hit the 5 year mark yesterday and never thought I'd make it that long.