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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oh My Girl: "Oh My Girl Cast" variety show recap and screenshots

 My first fave are dramas with interesting plots and solid acting, sadly there's been very few of them these last few years. However my second fave are kind of loony, inane, lame and just wacky shows which there really are no reasons for me to watch them. There's been many more of them recently and have to admit they're really a guilty pleasure of mine, first time watching one of these kind from Korea. Know I haven't mentioned it lately but still watching the "Ghost" drama from 2012, jsut watched another episode yesterday and would highly recommend it.

 This show's first episode was last August 21st on MBC, think the main reason for the show was to introduce the group to the public and help them get to know the members better. Will admit this first show was quite lame, at least the first half but it did pick up nicely in the second half.
 Unsure if the themes will stay the same through all of the episodes, as of now don;t know how many total shows there were but do have six of them right now. They are on Daily Motion but the quality of the, there is only so-so, if you can grab it at a site that would be a better option.
 In this first show we meet all of the members though two of them more than the others, would think every show will focus on just two members so we can get to know them better. Maybe not though as the highlight for me this first show was a cooking segment with Hyojung and YooA. The way the segment went and ended it almost appeared it could be a regular feature, have no clue of it it but wouldn't mind seeing more of those two cooking.

 Don't know if any of you have seen the old Japanese variety show "Vermillion Pleasure Night", that was one terrific and off the wall show. They had a cooking segment in that show which was quite funny, think if they added in a bit more humor into this cooking lesson it'd be a winner though not on the par of VPN.
 Before that the gals had a few contests such as running and who could stay on a banana boat. Maybe they are athletic but didn't appear so in those contests though them staying on the boat was impossible as it was rigged. Some guy named Yang Sa Ex ran the contests, have no clue who he is as I did a search on him and came up with nothing. Final segment on the show the gals performed an old K-Pop tune "Tell Me" by the Wonder Girls, their version sounded fine but will go check out the original.
 This should be an easy show to recap, it's only about 25 minutes long and at least for this show there were only the three segments that were mentioned. Have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this show, actually think I'm going to enjoy checking out something new and perhaps this will get me to investigate a few other K-Pop groups. Will naturally always prefer J-Pop so much more but the groups I like these days are dwindling so hopefully finding a few more uptempo groups will spark my interest in pop again.
 Plenty of screenshots here for you to enjoy, didn't go into great detail about the segments but you can see what happened in these pics. Enjoyed this show enough where I'll probably watch the second episode tomorrow so there's a good chance for another recap right after that and also another 'intro post' to help you get to know the group better.

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