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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yui Aragaki: New drama news....

 This is the 209th day of the year yet only the third post for new happenings. That's one post about every seventy days which is such a sad ratio but there is news on a....

 Don't know how it's happening but lately my faves all seem to be able to hack into my posts as I'm doing them. May have to check for hidden cameras in this room, thought the two I found in the shower were the only ones.
 Kyoko(?) is correct as there will be a new drama starring Gakky after an absence of a year. Title of the series is "Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu", bet not even Japanese can say that fast five times. The drama will be starting up in October, no date on when it'll officially begin but it will be airing on Tuesday nights.
 Plot is a bit thin but it's based upon a award winning manga so perhaps the mini description I found doesn't do it justice. Story is about Mikuri who is an unemployed 25 year old woman, she's that way even though she has a graduate degree. Mikuri finds a job as a housekeeper(with a graduate degree??) and somehow ends up getting married to the man of the household who is a decade older than she is.
 Sounds like one of those lighthearted romantic dramas, the kind that's hit or miss. Seems as though there's no middle ground for those kinds of series, they're either quite good or quite bad though most tend to the latter. However seeing as it stars Gakky will end watching it, the dramas she has the lead in are always okay but none has been a real winner or must watch, personally would like to see her do more serious roles.
 The drama will be airing on TBS, she's had many shows for that network but it's her first one with them in over three years. News of this has just come out in the last 24 hours so naturally there's very little to post now but here are a few early promo pics for the drama.

 There was also a mini segment on yesterday's Hayadoki show for the series.

 That drama news is really it for new things, what a quiet year for her so far. There is one new CM though which came out last week for Nissin, video has the 15 and 30 second versions.


  1. Still waiting for Legal High 3 here haha.

  2. Thanks for your post. Could you tell me where you get the TV show videos? :(

  3. Wonder if a third season is a possibility, ratings were over 18% for season two so though it may be a long shot wouldn't bet against it, perhaps another TV movie or two is more likely. If you search the internet it's easy to come up with pics like the ones posted, actually that video was on YT but like many of the ones there you had better watch or download it fast as they're not there for too long.