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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Negicco: A small intro post #1....

 Realize this is kind of an oddball post but seeing as Odd could be my first name let's go ahead with this post for these fun gals. Up until a few weeks ago didn't know much about this group, had heard of them but that was about it. One day my curiosity got the best of me and decided to give them a chance and so far they haven't disappointed.
 The group has been around since 2003(!), at the time they were a fivesome but towards the end of the decade became a trio and have have stayed that way since. The group has a bit of a different background as they were formed to help promote green onions(?) in their hometown of Niigata, Negicco then can loosely translated to meaning 'Green Onion Girls'. Though they didn't promote the local green onions for a long time the group still dresses quite often in green attire.

 Personally I really enjoy their non-Idol looks and music, been playing two of their CD's a lot lately and it's hard to compare them to another group. They are a bit similar to Perfume but not as upbeat plus Negicco has many more different kinds of instruments in their songs. They also can sing live which is a rarity these days except for C-ute who seem to sing almost all of their songs live in concert.
 Above mentioned about how un-Idol they are, they're really a refreshing break from regular Idol groups. Naturally I do like Idol groups as you have figured out by now but in a way prefer these more down to earth kind of gals. Some things they've never done are swimsuit spreads, photobooks or really anything along those lines which may be a turn off to some but then again Perfume doesn't either and that trio is certainly been one of the most successful groups for a while now.
 Sure there's quite a few who haven't heard of this group but they do have 19 singles, not many have been huge sellers but one of them did reach #5 on the charts. That single was from two years ago so it's taken them over a decade to become popular, better late then never. Hopefully you're wondering who the three members are so here's some pics of them, this was a quickie post so didn't have anything prepared in advance. Above says this is post #1 so expect a few more of them soon.

 Nao is the oldest member with a birth date of April 10, 1988. Usually you'll find a star after her name and the members all just use their first names, probably could find out their last names too but we'll just go with their first ones for now.

 Will admit that none of these gals could be considered ultra attractive but they're kind of kawaii, actually they look more like women you would see walking down the street versus how Idols look. Second oldest member is Megu who was born on June 3, 1989, another thing that's attracted me to the group is that they're all a bit older.

 Lastly is the youngest member Kaeda who really isn't that young as he'll be turning 25 on September 15th. None of them are sisters but they really do look quite similar as it's tough sometimes to figure out who is who.

 Perhaps they don't look too alike but when you look at so many of their pics they seem to after a while. then again it's probably just me.

 Promise to have much more bio info in the group's next post, wasn't much else to post about tonight so this was kind of a last minute idea but a good one from me for a change. The group has released 19 singles with their biggest hit being single #15 which was "Hikari No Sour". The single reached the number five position on the Oricon charts and it was a well deserved spot as it's a really neat tune. Here's some of the covers for the single along with the PV which is subbed in English, wonder why it's only had 134 views?

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