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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Yui Aragaki: Few more new things....

 Probably do post too much about Idols or other gals in the same vein but isn't someone like Gakky actually the one you'd much rather be with? To me the answer would be a huge YES and it seems there's quite a few people out there who agree with that comment 100% as her posts here are among the more popular ones and I'm sure at Japanese blogs that post a lot about her. Gakky isn't that far from hitting the age of 30, wonder if she's had any thoughts about settling down?
 Don't think so as I haven't heard any heard any news about her being with any one for a long, long time(years) but then again I'm not someone who follows those trashy tabloids. Shouldn't be too long before her 2017 calendar comes out and bet her last five or so years have been posted here, this pic is from 2015.

 Think the next issue of Weekly Shonen comes out tomorrow, Gakky will be the cover gal and here's some Instagram pics from the shoot along with a few promo ones.

 "Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu" starts up in five days, Gakky's last few dramas have really only been so-so. But am looking forward to this one as for some reason it looks like a funny show plus we just don't see her on the screen enough these days.

 Two new Gakky mag spreads, first is from La Boo' #41 and it's for the new series.

 As usual a Gakky 'Nylon Japan' spread only has four pics and these are from the November edition.

 The new drama will be airing on TBS, most of her shows do air on that station. Last night Gakky was promoting the new series on the TBS "Yakai show", that first pic you can see Rina Kawaei who was also on the show and I really need to do a post or two for her soon.

 There's a couple of videos of that show on YT but have a feeling they won't be there for long so won't post any of them. How about a blast from the past instead which is a really fun CM for Pocky, not sure of the date but it's had to be out for at least eight years.


  1. The reason you don't hear of her dating is that Gakky and I keep everything under wraps!

  2. Hope you don't keep everything of her under wraps....