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Monday, December 5, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016' #15....?

 Gakky getting picked naturally was going to happen but picking her spot was one of the tougher decisions I'll have. Really the ones from about 14-20 could be interchangeable, some weeks a gal could be much higher, week or two later she drops which was the case here.

 Last year Gakky finished in the 9th position but the competition this year is much harder so 15th sounds about right for her. Two months ago she would have finished a few spots higher but was a bit disappointed in her latest drama 'Nigeru....'. It's not a bad show, did watch the first five episodes but those kind of lighthearted, romantic series are shows I'm not too fond of even though I keep trying to find one that is. Few commentors have joked about a third season of "Legal High" which may not be a bad thing but there's a third season of a show I'd prefer to see....

.... tell me who wouldn't want to see them paired up again!? Know I would but seeing how it's been six years since the second season don't think we'll see them together in 'Code Blue' but having them in another drama as a pair would be a good thing. Gulp, looks like she's already heard what position she finished and happy is one thing she isn't!

 This is Gakky's 130th post and as far as actresses go she may have had the most of any of them this year. Which means there really isn't much else I can tell you about her, she has been a big fave for a decade now but not as big of one as she was five years ago. It's hard to say what kind of actress she's turned into as all of Gakky's roles the last few years have been the same, my one complaint about her is she hasn't expanded the types of characters she plays.
 One day will do a few posts about her first major role which was as Ema in the "Shibuya 15" drama and bet I've watched that at least 70 times as it's in my top five of all time. If you haven't seen it then you better rush out and get it soon as it's hard to recommend a drama any higher than that one.
 Do have some newer Gakky things for today, sometimes there's a bit of a gap in these posts as I like to have some new happenings instead of posting too many pics you've seen before. Then again that's not always a bad thing as some pics are so fabulous they deserve about ten encores. Few new mag spreads and the first is from the December issue of Voce.

 Hope these pics of Gakky haven't been posted yet, don't think they have and they're from the December issue of With.

 Brand new spread which just came out today from WPB #51, bit of a promo for the current drama.

 Gakky has probably had a yearly calendar for the last decade. Will be posting many calendars for next year later on in the month, two promo pages that have been released.

 Hopefully none of you will ever get tired of looking at her pics, at 130 posts wonder how many pics are here of her.... have to figure somewhere between 3-4,000.

 Last thing for this post which is that Gakky has a new CM out for GMO Click, she's been doing them for the company for a while now and after these screenshots you can view the 'making of' video.

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