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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The 'AKB48 versus Nogizaka46' series #1....

 Long time viewers know I love nothing more than starting a new series. Do have three of going on right now.... Nogizaka cards for 2016 which will have another 3-4 posts. Also have a singles series going for the group which has only has one more post to go. The other one one is the 'Top Twenty Faves for 2016', did my tenth fave yesterday and will have two more this week. But all will be ending in about two weeks so decided another one needed to be started.
 This was a true spur of the moment thought as the idea for it came to be an hour ago coming home from the grocery store and some reason had an AKB tune playing in my head. That got me thinking of things, this idea popped out and think it's going to be a long series. Hope this will draw a few comments as there's many Nogi fans here but don't think there's too many current AKB fans but to me their singles from 2008-12 are very hard to top.

 The top two pics of AKB are from 2006 when their first single came out, above two of Nogi are from 2012 when their first single was released. What I thought about doing for this series was comparing the group's singles, mag spreads, photobooks, promo events and whatever else. Just thought it'd be a something a bit different and so often I always find some neat oldie happenings when I investigate.
 Won't be any of those older things for the first few posts as AKB was popular but not overly so until 2008 or so. These first few posts will be a head to head competition on whose single was better and will be looking at all of the songs during their first five years or up until single #16. What I'll be enjoying is checking out some older AKB happenings and will be posting them in the upcoming posts along with missed Nogi events from their singles series.

 This first post may be a bit boring compared to the upcoming ones but breaking the ice on a new series is the hardest thing for me. Plus just thought of this an hour ago but then again there's very few things for AKB from 2006 and 2007. That's unlike Nogi who were immediately popular, true they worked hard to get where they are these days but AKB may have worked much harder as they started out on an indie label while Nogi started right off with Sony,
 Will look a look at the group's first two singles, AKB's first one was "Sakura no Hanabiratachi" which came out on February 1, 2006. Am going to skip that song for now as they did a new version of it for their 8th single and will have that one in the competition.
 First AKB single then will be "Skirt, Hirai" which was released on June 7, 2006. It was the group's second and final indie single as they signed with DefStar records for their third single. This one here was AKB's second lowest selling single as total sales were a little less than 21,000 copies sold and it reached #13 on the Oricon charts in it's first week, then was promptly forgotten about.

 There was only one version of the single which is the top pic, these days there's at least ten versions of a single to milk the fan's cash. That was only a fair song so it was easy to see why the sales were poor plus it was on an indie label. Different story for the group's second single and first for DefStar which was "Aitakatta" which was a truly fun tune. release date for it was October 25, 2006.
 Most of you may know it from the 'AKBingo' show as it's the theme song. The single only reached #12 on the charts but it has sold over 55,000 copies. Out of the four songs in this first contest it has the edge for now though Nogi's second single was also a really fun tune. This single had two versions released with one of them having the PV, here are the two covers.
 What I really thought made AKB so good was that the members you see on the covers stayed together for so long as no popular ones started graduating until 2011. These days you need a scorecard keeping track of the comings and goings of members which is one of the main reasons I don't follow them as closely though their new single is a fairly decent song.

 On to Nogi and there's not too much info I can give on these two songs as they were featured in their singles series. Nogi did have some heavy publicity when they were formed so there's no doubt that's the major reason for the huge difference in sales. While AKB's first single(for this post) sold 21,000 copies "Guruguru Curtain" has sold 214,000 to date, eleven times more.
 Also being on Sony was another factor in the sales, Nogi's first single is quite good but thought it took until their third single to hit their pedaling stride(bad pun). 'Curtain' was released in four versions and the single was also featured in some Meiji CM's.

 Also with four versions was Nogi's second single "Oide Shampoo", another fine song but think it'll be edged out by AKB. This single sold about the same as the group's first single with sales about 225,000, it was also Nogi's first #1 song and AKB's first chart topper wasn't until their 14th single which was "River". That's a mighty fine song and it'll be going up against "Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru", by then instead of four songs may make this series a one on one.

 As mentioned will probably make this a one on one series after another post or two. By 2008 AKB was much more popular so will be able to add in a bit of their history from that era which doesn't get talked about enough plus there will be more history of Nogi.
 Nogi also did a version of "Aitakatta" on their first single, they did a good job on it but thought AKB's version was so much better. The PV was also much better and like seeing how the members looked ten years ago as there's just two members, Haruna and Minami, who are still in the group and soon that total will be down to one.
 Round one then goes to AKB with "Aitakatta", they can't perform the song these days as there's just those two members left but they did do it in concert until 2012 or so. There's a 'coupling' video of the AKB and Nogi versions but seeing as AKB is now up 1-0 they can have the honors with a real old performance of the song plus I like looking at how young the members were then. Have a feeling Nogi may take the lead with the next few singles but there are sixteen in all and as mentioned will have a few other 'competitions' comparing their first five years.


  1. I'm super stoked for this series. In real time, I've been following AKB's singles since UZA and Nogizaka's since Barette. Truthfully, I have to admit my love for 48group has been on the wane for quite some time and now I prefer the way the sakamichi group puts their products together. '08-'13 had such amazing jams as far as 48group goes but lately it's been kinda meh... I liked the sound of Nogi's and Keyaki's hum-worthy music right from the get go and it totally feels like there getting better with every single. Even though I do currently neglect them a bit I will never turn my back on 48group, but I hope they can bring back some of that fire that made them so great. I look forward to that day...

  2. Little bit after UZA is when I stopped following AKB so closely as too many of the older members left. Keeping members may be the only way for them to bring back some of that fire, that's what made AKB so good in the first place was that there were so few graduations until 2012. Tuesdays tend to be a slow day every week so am planning on doing a post for the series every week on that day.