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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The 'AKB48 versus Nogizaka46' series #2....

 Think this series will pick up more steam or become a tad more interesting once we get to the years of 2008-09 for AKB. For a lot of newer fans it's probably hard to believe that at one time they weren't too popular. The group never even had a single which sold over 100,000 copies until 2009 and that song was "10nen Sakura" though I thought the previous single 'Ogoe Dimaond" deserved the honor but it just missed selling 96,000 copies.
 But because of AKB not being too popular back then it means there's very few things to add in to these posts such as mag spreads or them promoting products. That's why it'll probably take up to the fourth post before I can start adding in older happenings so most of these first few posts will concentrate more on their early singles versus the ones from Nogi.
 But the world of J-Pop was a bit different when I started following it back in the late 2000's. Idol groups weren't nearly as popular as they are these days and most of the huge acts were solo singers. Now it's the opposite as Idol groups tend to dominate the charts while solo artists seem to be having a more difficult time.
 Nogi has never had a difficult time as they were stars from their first single which hit #2 on the charts and every one since then has hit the top spot. That makes fifteen straight number one singles but that's not even halfway to AKB's current streak of 33 chart toppers. Who knows when it'll happen, probably not for years but one single will eventually not hit #1.
 While no AKB happenings from 2007 when their two singles for this post were released there were a few Nogi events. Covered many in their 'singles series' but there wasn't enough room for every happening so will work on a few more of those 'history posts'. A trio of members were in Taiwan two weekends ago for the 2016 Asian Fashion show but way back in 2012 the group made another visit there promoting an HTC phone which are the bottom four pics.

  For this post have another four singles for the competition, think the next post or two will remain the same which will take us up to 2008 when there are many more AKB things to post about. "Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru" was released on January 31, 2007 and it was the group's highest charting single reaching #7 though it only sold about 22,000 copies. There were only two versions of the single for sale, here are the covers plus some oldie pics of the group performing the song.

 April 18th was the date for AKB's next single "Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou" and it fared about as well as the previous one. It hit number eight on the charts selling 22,600 copies and these days a single sells that many in twenty minutes. However this was the first single which had some cards to promote it, have a few of them along with the two covers.

 Those two above singles sold a grand total of 45,000 copies combined while Nogi's third single which was released on August 22, 2012 sold 186,000 in it's first week. Hard to compare the two groups at this point of in their careers as AKB had gone from an indie label to a major one and was still somewhat unknown except for their theater appearances.
 Nogi was heavily promoted from day one of their existence so they naturally had a huge head start on AKB though after five years both did/have become mega superstars. "Hashire Bicycle" is the group's third single and it's a song which is quite good, it ended up being the 26th best selling single for 2012.

 Seifuku means uniform, AKB had it in the title of their third single while Nogi also used the word in their fourth single "Seifuku no Mannequin". Seems every single for the group just got a bit better and better for their first two years and the fans thought that way too as sales went from 186,000 to 232,000 copies sold in it's first week.
 The song was released on December 19th, 2012 and because of the late date it was included in the 2013 rankings where it ended up being the 21st best selling single for that year. There was a B-side I didn't mention in the 'singles series' post which was "Shibuya Blues" which was a duet sung by Kazumi and Mai. It's a slower tune and in concert those two would perform it with Mai F. and Nanami playing acoustic guitars, top pic are the Senbatsu members for the A-side.

 First post AKB took the victory which gives them a 1-0 lead. Of this batch all of the songs are good but none are real standouts, both groups start to hit their strides in the singles which will be featured in the next posts or perhaps all of the remaining posts. Not by a wide margin but will give the nod for this round to Nogi and their "Seifuku no Mannequin" single which evens the match up.
 Though the A-sides of AKB do get so much better their B-sides don't match up as well compared to the ones from Nogi. Since about 2011 most of those songs on AKB singles are sung by their sister groups such as HKT or NMB. In the upcoming posts wouldn't doubt if at least one Nogi B-side may take the honor for having the best song. Plenty of versions of the song on YT to choose form, PV isn't there but can't go wrong with them performing it in concert.

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