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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tomu Muto: Intro post #1....

Just going to start off by saying was going to do an intro post by request for Maho Yamaguchi who is 21 and is also a member of NGT48. The problem is there's virtually zero to post about her as the group hasn't released a single yet nor are there enough pics and.mag spreads for her. Did say the end of this year was the cutoff point for new females, if there are many things for next year perhaps I'll make an exception.

 There was also a request by Doudou for some Tomu posts, that was going to happen sooner or later as I like her quite a bit too. Tomu turned 22 on November 25th so she's been plenty old enough for a few years now, honestly can't give a good reason for no posts for her until now except I wasn't following AKB all that much for the last two years.
 As mentioned the end of this year is the cutoff for introducing new gals, was thinking of having an intro post tomorrow for Juri Takahashi who is a real stunner and also a member of AKB. Tomu has come a long way in four years, back in 2012 she was 49th in the AKB yearly election. In 2016 she jumped all the way up to the tenth spot, no doubt her popularity has really risen and when you view her pics it's easy to see why.
 For these first two posts will concentrate mainly on mag spreads then slowly ease into things like AKB cards, promo events and whatever else there may be. Will work backwards on the spreads from newest to oldest as it makes it easier for me to keep track of them. One other thing I want to mention is her name which is just so unique, the letters are exactly the same in both her first and last names and bet that's a rarity. First set of pics is from the January issue of EX-Taishu.

 Think everyone is going to enjoy all of these spreads as these Tomu pics are all nothing short of superb, these are from the October edition of Bubka.

 Another set of pics from EX-Taishu which is from their August issue.

 Should be no shortage of mag spreads for future posts as the four for today are all from the last few months and there's still three years worth of them to catch up on. Last set is from the August issue of Entame but have one more thing after these pics.

 Wanted to end off with a real nice Tomu video but can't find anything remotely good on YT so will hunt harder to have one for her next post, few A++++ pics though for all to enjoy.

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