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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yui Aragaki: Kleenex promo event pics from April 18th and new CM

 Those are some fabulous Uniglo pics from two years ago, heard there will be more from the company coming out very soon. Haven't heard much from Gakky these last few months but it isn't because she's been idle. She's had a few CM's that have come out but there were no events for them so didn't post them. Of course all fans know that season three of 'Code Blue' will be starting up in July so we should be hearing more from her soon.
 One other reason for her mini absence is that Gakky has probably been filming her next film which is titled "Mix". No official release date for it yet but it's scheduled to come out in the Autumn. It's a film about ping-pong and Gakky has been practicing solo for at least four hours a day!

 For about the first time in two years am playing Gakky's 'Hug' album which is highly recommended. It was her second album and came out in 2009 reaching #5 on the charts it's first week out. Gakky had one more album after this one but sadly her singing career ended then. The big hit off it was "Make My Day" though to me "Utsushi e" was the best song on the album though you can't go wrong with any of them.

 Gakky has a new CM which just came out for Kleenex, these are pics from the CM along with some screenshots from the 'making of' video.

 On April 18th there was a press conference for the CM where Gakky was also appointed the ambassador for their new and improved tissue. Don't know what others think but to me Gakky is really looking so much more superb these days, she's always been such an attractive woman but her looks seem to be improving daily.
 You may(will) agree with that above comment when you view these pics from today's event, the tiara does add a bit of a 'Queenly' effect to her. When the promo events start for 'Code Blue' it's going to be difficult on which woman to concentrate on, has a show ever had three beauties like CB does/has? Many fine pics here from the event and after them is the 'making of' video.

1 comment:

  1. Itada-kun: First time I saw Gakky was Legal High. (I think I saw her on a video visiting Payatas...my home country PH)

    Anyway, I've been doing drama/movie marathon with Gakky in it. I was so busy studying back then and my net speed sucks (56kbps) from (2004-2012)

    Heart will drive and Make my day is one of my fav songs of her and I hope she release new album/singles.

    All I can say is that she is a superb actress. From school girl to a fine woman...you name it. Her face is a-okay. Gentle and sweet.

    Sorry about the outburst but I hope you update this page of yours, especially about Gakky. More power to you ^_^


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