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Friday, June 9, 2017

Angerme: The 'Angerme Singles Series' #2- "Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku"

 Wanted to hold off on starting the single series for Angerme until after C-ute's final performance which is in just three days and Angerme will be at Monday's concert. However there's been zero new things to post about recently so figured why not start on it now, think they do have some fans here as that intro post for them earlier this week has garnered quite a few views.
 But also these 'single series' posts are my fave ones to do, they're the hardest posts by far but they are the best kind of posts plus I really enjoy learning more about a group. Angerme is the fourth group to have this series, the other groups are my top three which are C-ute, Juice=Juice and Nogi. If you're an Angerme fan you'll really enjoy this post as there's over 70(!) pics plus two videos.
 The video at the top is "Itoshima Distance" which is one of the three songs on the "Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku" single, third song is "Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru". If you didn't know Angerme was was known as S/Mileage and changed their name late in 2014. Between the two names they've released a total of 21 major label singles, their 22nd is coming out in two weeks.

 This single was released on April 27, 2016 and of all 21 singles this has been the group's biggest seller to date. It's first week out it was #2 on the Oricon charts and it was the 99th best selling single of the year with 57,000 copies sold. Above are three of the covers, there were seven versions in all for the single and here are the other four covers.

 Like to think of these 'single series' posts as sort of a snapshot in time of a group as I look at their activities right around a single's release. At 70+ pics this is a huge post but in all honesty it could have been at least twice as big but you'd be here for an hour reading this then. Few promo cards for the single, the group does have a lot of H!P cards and will devote some posts for them.

 Two small mag spreads for the single with the first four being from volume 006 of Overture. Rest of the pics are from the May edition of BLT featuring Ayaka, Moe and Rikako.

 Of course there were many interviews promoting the single, these are from Pick Up Idol.

 All of the members did a series of interviews for the 'Daily Lo Girl' site. Just have two of them here with the first five pics being with Ayaka who I know better than any of the members, she's also the current leader of all of the Hello Project groups. After her is Rina who is slowly becoming my fave member as she looks so, so fabulous and may need to do a solo post for her.

 All Hello Project groups have a mini live when a single is released. Angerme held their live on April 28th which was a day after the single was released. They performed the three songs from it and the event took place at Tower Records in Shibuya, there's a mini venue there called CupUp Studio.

 Finally reached the end, these 'single series' posts are always quite huge and hope everyone has been enjoying them. These are some screenshots from the PV which you can view after them, the nice thing about H!P videos is that they're subbed in English.

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