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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Angerme: The 'Angerme Singles Series' #3- "Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai"

 Bit of a shakeup with some Hello Project groups this week. Country Girls, a group I didn't know too well, has disbanded leaving six members 'homeless'. One will be the leader of a new group while the other five are joining existing H!P groups. Two will be joining Angerme, the additions won't be happening for a while but would think it'll be taking place whenever their next single comes out.
 Lot of H!P fans aren't too pleased with the changes and I may have to agree with them. When a group has been around a while like Angerme has they probably have a nice routine going. Every member knows what they'll be singing and what their dance steps will be, now most of that will be changing. It's going to be a while before the transitions are done so there's time to work on everything, maybe some of those five members will be joining the new group.

 That video at the top is from a June 22nd event promoting the new single, more info on that later on in the post. "Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai" is Angerme's sixth single, they had over twenty when they were known as S/Mileage. There's a total of three songs on the new single, the other titles are "Namida Iro no Ketsui" and "Majokko Megu-chan".
 The group's fifth single didn't sell all that well so guess you could call this single a nice comeback. It was released on June 21st and for it's first week was #3 on the Oricon charts selling over 45,100 copies. Billboard Japan counts sales differently as their figure was close to 63,000 copies sold. Think the main difference is Billboard may count singles sold at concerts and perhaps overseas sales?
 Either way it sold much better than single #5 which just sold 31,500 copies in it's first week. Now that C-ute has disbanded Angerme may be the second most popular Hello Project group. Seven versions of the single were released, two covers are above and here are the other five.

 You'll see eight members on the covers, usually the group has nine. However Maho has had some medical issues and wasn't on the single nor is she part of their ongoing tour and promo events for the single. Here are the eight members who are on the single and their names on on the pics.

 Here are some promo pics for the single and following them are many cards for their tour which may have wrapped up but the group is doing many shows to promote the new single.

 For these 'singles series' posts I like to consider it a snapshot in time of the group. Usually there are too many things to post about but not that's not the case with Angerme who don't do as many interviews or appear in as many mags as C-ute or Juice=Juice. Then again there's 90+ pics in this post so it's not like it was a struggle having enough things for a post. Going back a little in time though March isn't ancient history and these are some H!P cards for a few small clubs they performed at.

 The group did do some interviews for the single but most of the sites only had a pic or two. However have five here from one Moe and Rina did a few weeks ago for Music Voice.

 Moe also has the only mag spread for today which is from Young Magazine #28.

 Kana is the group's assistant leader and I really need to start doing some solo posts for her as to me she really looks so super duper!

 The group has done quite a few promo events for the new single these past few weeks, actually so many won't post about most of them but will save some of those pics for a few upcoming posts. Here's a few pics from an event at the HMV store in Tokyo on June 15th.

 On June 22nd which was the day after the single was released the group performed a mini concert at the Sunshine City Fountain in Ikebukoro. They did a total of five songs, the three from the new single plus a couple of oldies.

 Finally made it to the end and naturally many of you want to hear the single. It's a really solid tune and what's best about H!P videos are that they're subbed in English.

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