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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Angerme: The group's intro post #1....

 Ten years from now will still be listening to the fabulous songs of C-ute as they're my fave J-Pop group. However there will be no new music in the future from them as their last single came out in March plus their final concert will be taking place in less than eleven days. Either Juice=Juice or Nogi will be taking over my current fave top spot but with C-ute gone guess that means I need to look for more new music.
 For some reason Angerme has flown under my radar for too long even though I've always enjoyed their tunes. Hello Project groups seem to have their own distinctive sound which is in a very upbeat pop/rock/dance style. This isn't the first post I've done for a member though as there's been four or so posts already for the group's captain Ayaka.

 Ayaka is more than just Angerme's leader as she's now also the entire leader of all of the Hello Project groups. She got that honor last Autumn when Maimi announced the disbandment of C-ute. Ayaka will be turning 23 on August 1st but it appears she'll be staying with the group for at least two more years as H!P leaders usually have a 2+ year term.

 Won't make this entire post about Ayaka though I do really like her, what's enjoyable is her sort of non-Idol looks. A few of her previous posts were with Kanon Fukuda who left the group in November 2015. She's someone who I had also really liked and you may be seeing her in some future posts as I may be reviving the 'singles' series for Angerme.
 Back in 2011 the pair had minor roles in Erina's "Hanbun Esper" drama which I highly recommend. The pair along with another member hosted the S/Mileage radio show and those scenes which lasted 3-4 minutes were the highlight of almost every episode.

 I'm more familiar with S/Mileage songs as I have two of their albums and both are quite good. With so many departures from the group late in 2014 they changed the name to Angerme that December though in concert they also do S/Mileage songs.
 Both groups are/were medium popular as every single since May 2010 has been no lower than seventh on the Oricon charts. S/Mileage had 17 singles while Angerme has had five but their sixth one is coming out on June 21st.

 Won't make this too long of a post, zero else was happening today so it was a spur of the decision to finally break the ice for this group. Will have many more posts for 2017 coming up but won't bombard everyone with them all at once, probably will have more after June 12th which is the date of C-ute's last performance.
 Angerme will be one of the opening acts at the show, the members seem to have been good friends over the years. Won't be going too much into the group's past in this post as once C-ute is gone we'll have plenty of time for many things. One of them is mag spreads and the group does appear in many more than most H!P groups do. However for this first intro post have just one spread which features Ayaka from the March issue of Top Yell.

 Here's some recent pics from H!P of the nine members of Angerme, their names are on the pics. The sixth pic is of Maho who won't be on the new single due to a health leave of absence.

 Angerme just completed a short tour last month and bet they'll have another one following the release of their next single. Next to C-ute the group may have the most H!P cards and here are some for the group's tour.

 As mentioned above Angerme's next single will be coming out on June 21st. When it gets closer to that date will have a post or two about the single, covers for it just came out today. Plus on the day a single is released H!P groups usually have a mini concert for it's release so there should be an overabundance of things coming up here for the single.

 Also mentioned about reviving the 'singles series' and Angerme plus S/Mileage will be the ones who get the honor. Will call this post #1 in the series though there aren't many pics for it so will have another post for the "Umeka Ienai" single.
 That single was released on October 19th, 2016 so it will be eight months between singles, they don't release as many singles as S/Mileage did. There's three songs on the single and one of them is the longest title I've ever seen for a song, so long I'm not going to write it out. The first four Angerme singles hit the second spot on the charts, like C-ute they've never had a #1 single but have come so, so close.
 This single though only hit #3 on the charts and had quite a drop in sales compared to their previous singles. Sales have been 36,000+ copies sold to date which is norm for a H!P group though their previous single sold 57,000 copies. Think the competition for this single was tougher with AKB, Nogi and C-ute releasing singles around that time. On October 19th the group held a release party for the single, some pics here from that event along with four of the six covers. After them is the song's PV which like most Hello Projects is subbed in English. Know the sales dropped a bit for this single but to me this is really a fun and upbeat song.

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