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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Yuumi Shida: A little of this and that #1....

 There's quite a few things since 2014 to post about Yuumi and if I was smart would have broken them down into individual posts. However I'm not what you would call even semi-smart so won't be doing that and will have many things combined into one post. For instance Yuumi has a photobook but what's going to happen is that 1/3 of it will be posted in this one, then for her next two posts will have 1/3 of it in each of them if that makes sense.

 Yuumi has been a member of Yumemiru Adolescence since they debuted in 2012, though she won't be turning 21 for a few more months she's been active in the entertainment industry since 2008. Usually the group has five members but nine months ago Rei took a leave of absence. She hasn't appeared on their last two singles and it's a shame she hasn't been around as she could be the hottest of all the members.
 Akari is fairly attractive too and will finally get around to doing some posts for them soon. What I may do are some 'singles series' posts as those posts are the easiest way to get to know the members better. Will work backwards and will be starting off with their current single "Lalalala Life" which came out on July 19th. It's not a single but their best tune could be "Himawari Heart" which is off the group's 'Daiichi' album. Haven't checked but bet there's some videos on YT. I have their fan club live album "Haru at Nanako Sun Plaza" and the version they do on that will get you jumping.

 On to the main topic which is Yuumi, though she's been active since 2008 she's still a tad young so will just be going back to 2014 for her activities. Two days ago posted some magnificent pics from Shupure-Net, that post has picked up quite a few views. To promote that huge set of seventy pics she also appeared in issue #32 of WPB, looking mighty fine....

 If you compare the two sets Yuumi has really grown up as this us from WPB #41 from 2014.

 Yuumi has one photobook to date and with the way she looks these days there's no doubt she deserves another one or actually many more. Her first PB had the original title of "Yuumi", it was released on September 22, 2014. Have some pics here from a fan signing session that was held on October 4th. Yuumi was also an actress in the 2013-14 series "Kamen Rider Gaim" and she showed off the fighting skills she learned at the event.

 The 'Kamen Rider' series are quite fun and entertaining, the big problem is that they last for fifty episodes where they easily could have only 25. There's a hundred pics in Yuumi's photobook, have 34 for today and will split up the rest in her next two posts. It's a fine collection of pics but would love to see another one as her pics these days are out of this world. After them check out a video of the fan signing session.


  1. Found a YT video showcasing 'Himawari Heart' and it was the plaza version just like you were talkin bout so even better. I get what ya mean haha made me really jealous of those people that went there(just like every other idol event) fanchants were bloody amazing(dunno what they sayin tho). i've mostly heard nogi lives so it's quite a refresher listening to something different.
    Also something just popped in my mind, did the members change throughout the pic with 'Tower Records' at the back and the one after that? i thought they just got older but it can't be.
    Also also...Yuumi looks fabulous. The PB looks great, maybe in the 2/3 we'll see more of that hat she's wearing. i like the WPB #32 ones better tho by a tad bit, there more sexayy.

  2. The Tower pic was to show what four members are on their latest single, one after that includes Rei who is on hiatus. To me what's refreshing from Nogi or AKB is that many J-Pop groups can sing live, kind of gets tiring listening to groups just sing along to their CD's.

  3. Was going to do a YA post tonight but need to work on it a bit more as it's become difficult to follow the members. it is a four gal group but it's Akari who is no longer there and Rei has returned though there's not much info on exactly when she came back, I'm easily confused.

  4. aight m8, i thought i would be too tired with this thing i'm doin but it seems i got enough time to check ya blog out so ere goes!
    Yeah i also get tired of listening to a sing along
    WHAAAAAAT!! Akari no longer there TT what a load of bollocks!
    Take ya time m8 with the YA post, gotta make it top quality