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Friday, July 28, 2017

Yuumi Shida: Shupure-Net #595 scans

 Been debating for a while whether to post about Yumemiru Adolescence or not who I'll bet not many know about, looks like the debate is over. The J-Pop group has been around for over five years now, they're just so-so popular but have had six singles reach the top ten and just had a new single "Lalalala Life" that came out two weeks ago.
 Have two of their albums with one being a live one which is a rarity with J-Pop groups. The live album is titled "Hanako at Nakano Sun Plaza" and it's really a fun album and the five members can sing live. They're not a H!P group but their tunes remind of those groups.

 There's plenty of things to post about YA but for today it's all going to be for Yuumi and this will be the first of some solo posts for her. She does appear in so many mags and is also an actress known mainly for being in a 'Kamen Rider' series and three of their films.
 Yuumi turned twenty back in February and she's the third oldest member of the group. Will have many more details in her upcoming posts but let's get right to this set as it's fairly big at seventy pics. 'Shupure-Net' is affiliated with WPB-Net as they're both published by the same company, this is her second special spread for them. This was just released a few weeks ago, haven't found a video for it except at their site but hopefully will locate one of the photo shoot for her next post.


  1. Wwoah. I only heard one song from them when i was scouring for some new songs outta my circle. Forgot what the song's called tho but i remember the MV had...a beach...that's it haha.
    There's a super pretty lady on the far right over there, she's giving off Mizuho vibes, who is this gal?

  2. Though I do play their two albums often have never watched a PV of the group and can't think of a reason why that's happened. The gal could be Akari who is quite an attractive woman.

  3. Akari eh? She's off the charts! Cheers m8

  4. Will try to do a post for Akari or YA soon, like to vary things up instead of posting about the same groups/people all of the time.

  5. Do you have a link to download all the images?

  6. ^^ooooh yyeah baby. seems like ya got a lot on ya hands ma man. Take a rest if ya need to m8

  7. Soon as the next delivery of Fosters come will take that lager break. Working on a few Yuumi posts and they'll be like Nogi's 'A bit of this and that' and may have the first later on. Links is something you'll never find here as I've seen too many blogs get deleted because of them, would much rather remain safe but bet a few sites may have a file containing all of the pics.

  8. I'll crack a cold one with ya.