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Friday, October 27, 2017

Satomi Ishihara: Some recent happenings....

 Hmmmm, though I've viewed that bottom countless times never realized how fabulous it is, that really blows away 99.99% percent of the pics I've posted here. Seems like it's been a really slow year for Satomi and it has been if you compare it to what she's done for the last decade but somehow this is her sixth post this year for new events.
 There's just been one film for Satomi this year but what's more surprising is that she didn't appear in any dramas, personally I think she's one of the best drama actresses and have seen her in about ten of them. But in January she'll have the lead role in "Unnatural", in the series she'll be playing a pathologist. Looks to be an interesting show and I'll be checking that one out, rest of the cast is also very solid.

 That's the cover for Satomi's "Encourage" photobook that was released on September 1st. Satomi isn't known for her books but she's had four of them and this latest one proves how popular she is. Since it came out seven weeks ago it's either been number one or two on the charts, sales are now around 100,000 copies sold. There's been so much talk about how well Nogi's photobooks have sold but this is now the third best selling book of the year and has an excellent chance of being #2. Guess it proves you don't have to have a gravure book to get huge sales, there's something so refreshing about Satomi's looks which are near the top for me.

 Those are a few more pics from the PB, so many actresses the last few years have released a PB when they hit thirty or over and Satomi will be turning 31 in less than two months. Not many happenings though everything does add up to be forty stupendous pics. Have two recent mag spreads with the first one being from the WPB #37 with some outtake pics from the PB.

 Here's another set for the PB and is from Shukan Post for September 23rd, it's a smallish mag as far as pic sizes go.

 Satomi has been doing CM's and other promo work for Tokyo Metro forever it seems. On October 25th she was at a special event in Ginza as their subway line was celebrating it's 90th anniversary, it's the oldest one in Asia. There's a special celebration for the line going on until January 24th, it's called 'Tokyo Metro 90 Days Fest'.
 You can win certain items, there's a book for the line and other happenings for the anniversary. The things you can win are by taking a quiz, Satomi tried many questions and surprisingly answered many of them correctly. Odds are she doesn't take the subway in the morning, actually with her popularity she couldn't as she'd be constantly mobbed. Plenty of pics here from the event and after them you can view a video of it.

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