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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Yui Aragaki: "Mix" movie screening pics and more....

 Thanks to another screening for the "Mix" film we learned our one new thing for the day. The new item is the pop-rock group Shishamo who sings the theme song and has a few other tunes in the movie. I had never head of them until today and though you wouldn't think it actually prefer J-Rock to J-Pop but it seems too many of my fave bands have broken up.
 Will do a bit more investigating of this trio who formed the group in 2011 and all are in their young twenties. That above song isn't a hard rocker but it's linked to their YT site so you can check out more of their videos. Pics of them are from today's special screening of the film and the group is so-so popular but their last album did hit the top ten

 Pair of Gakky mag spreads for today, there are a few other new ones which will be appearing in more upcoming posts and Gakky has probably had more solo posts than any actress this past month. This set with her co-star Eita is from the October 19th edition of Tokyo Walker Plus.

 One new solo Gakky spread which is from the current issue of Mina.

 There's been so much promoting for the "Mix" film it'll be a disappointment if it doesn't open in the top spot, the official premiere is this Saturday. On October 18th Gakky along with Eita and Shishamo attended a special screening just for high school students at the Ebisu Garden Room in Tokyo. It's not a big place as only 110 were in attendance, as usual Gakky was dressed low-key yet very in a very sophisticated style which we've all come to expect from her. Didn't see a video of the event so after the pics check out more from the Shishamo band, it's a promo video for their Budokan concert DVD and they do sound much better live.


  1. J-Rock m8, I'm more on the metal side but I dig many types of songs
    and Nocturnal Bloodlust
    is all I need(especially Nocturnal Bloodlust). Don't need to watch it, it's just a couple of songs(Babymetal one is LIVE) it's there if you're curious. Rock bands are always awesome when it comes to LIVE performances

  2. Know of Babymetal but have never checked them out too much. Judy and Mary, Number Girl, GO!GO! 7188 are a few of my huge fave rock bands but sadly all are no longer around though still do listen to them. Stereopony was a recent band who also disbanded and they were just so good, kind of broke me when they broke up.

  3. BLEACH!(anime) if I remember right, Stereopony had a song for it's opening. Too bad the anime ended up sucking in the end. Just listened to a few songs from the groups you mentioned and Number Girl seems to have hit the spot. Heard Judy and Mary's 'Overdrive' somewhere before but can't remember.

  4. I wish our local cinema will show Mix Movie here in PH.

    I find Gakki in Mina Mag...hot (sleeveless one) O__O

  5. Gakky has to be one of the hottest gals around who doesn't really look hot(?).
    Can't go wrong with any of Judy and Mary's tunes, the live ones are especially terrific and their tune "Sobakasu"
    (そばかす) is one of the most famous J-Rock tunes of all time.