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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Yui Yokoyama: A little(lot) of this and that....

 Still like a most of the AKB members that have remained from years ago but these days there's very few gals who I know or at least any new member since 2012. Yui is one of my AKB faves and like a few of my other ones it's so difficult to find things to post about her. These days she appears so infrequently in mags and not as often at promo events.
 Yui is the general manager for all of the '48' members so wonder if that takes up a lot of her time. Personally I've always liked her kind of quiet style though she can get a little mean which she proved in season two of 'Majisuka Gakuen', watching that is when I got introduced to her. Looks like there's gong to be no AKB drama this year, thought "Cabasuka Gakuen" was an entertaining show and Yui had one of the bigger roles as Otabe, that was her name going in but it got changed to Maguro.

 This is Yui's first post for the year, in 2016 she just had one for her calendar. Even though there's not many postable events think I'll be able to do another one or two for her in the next month or so, at least have one for her December 8th birthday when she'll be turning 25.
  Before that Yui's last posts here were for her 2015 photobook "Yuihan" which has been her only one to date. So there should be a few mag spreads or other activities which I've overlooked the past two years. Do have one brand new mag spread which will be after this older set. Don't know how I failed to post this batch of pics which was from the February 2015 edition of Bomb. It's one of Yui's better spreads and it was promoting that first photobook.

 This year Yui finished 7th in the AKB Senbatsu elections, that was four spots higher than 2016 and it's her first time cracking the top ten. She'd crack my top ten for members but being a bit low key may affect her popularity. This is a brand new spread which is from volume 24 of BLT Graph.

 AKB cards for 2017 are something which I do have many of and here's plenty for the months from January to May, will have more in her next post. After these fine looking cards you can view an older Yui video for her promoting the AKB 1/48 game from five years ago.

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