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Monday, November 6, 2017

Anna Konno- YS-Web #618 from September 2014 scans

 That bottom pic is one of the more perfect ones I've seen lately. There's been a handful of gravure Idols who I've posted about over the years but really it hasn't been that many as there's so many hundreds of them, almost all of them have been older gals too who are over 25+ years old. Don't know if I'm correct on my thoughts but really think these Idols are much more smarter and wiser than J-Poppers and that has to do with their ages.
 Most Idols who are in groups tend to start out when they're 15-17 or sometimes even younger. To me that means so many just aren't too intelligent or worldly though there some that are. On the other hand gravure Idols start out at an older age, usually when they're 18-20. That often means they've finished high school and many also attend college plus many may have had jobs, the real popular gals like Anna can earn a fairly impressive salary. Anna is 28 now, she was an actress for a while when she was a teen but she quit that to finish her schooling, she started her career again when she was 21.

 Will throw in some Anna bio info with these posts, as mentioned she's 28 and her birthdate was on June 15, 1989. Have said it many times but more of my faves seem to have been born in that month than any other one. Unlike most gravure Idols her height isn't that tall as she just stands 158 cm.
 Anna is also an actress and her career is really picking up as she has a big role in a pair of films that have recently come out titled "Wilderness", there's two parts to it. Have seen a few pics from them but can't post them here as Anna left zero to the imagination, if you do some web searching for pics from those films you'll be beyond impressed.
 On to the pics and Anna has done a few other collections for YS-Web and will be having them coming up soon. In all honestly can't think of any gravure Idol who is as daring as Anna, you'll be agreeing with that observation with these pics and all of her future ones. This set came out in September 2014, there's some desktop pics at the bottom of them and there's a total of 94.

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