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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Aoi Morikawa: Her intro post #2.... "Kakegurui" drama tidbits....

 Usually have a bit of a gap between intro posts but that's not the case with Aoi who had her first one yesterday. Many may think it's a bit of a bizarrepost but that's oki doki as bizarro happens to be Nao's middle name! The "Kakegurui" series is one I'm really excited about, just watched the first two episodes and this will be the best Japanese drama I've viewed in a while. Will have recaps for the first two shows by Friday and the series just aired it's final episode two nights ago.

 If you're a fan of "Liar Game" then this drama will be right up your alley. It is for me as I've watched the two seasons of 'LG' too many times to count and still never get tired of it. This show has the same drawn out, intense scenes which build up to such a climatic conclusion, know it's only been two episodes but I'm already hooked on this show.
 Aoi plays Mary Saotome in the drama who is the president of the Student Council. What a cruel leader she is yet the character is one you can't take your eyes off of. The series takes place at a very elite high school and the tradition for it over the decades has been it's gambling! But Mary has brought the betting to a new level and it's now a school divided between the haves and have-nots. She had never lost any gambling game until the second episode when her world was turned upside down. Won't go into any more details about the drama as I'll be saving them for the upcoming recaps but have a few screenshots from the first two episodes.

 The series is based upon a recent manga and seems so many dramas.films are based on them, there's also an anime which I may check out. At the top of the post is a short promo video for the first episode. There were some interviews Aoi and her two cast mates did for the series, first three pics are from one for Mantan Web while the others are form a site called Street Girls which I had never heard of but seems they have many interesting features there.

 Not the biggest of posts but wanted to give the few drama fans here a quick preview of what recaps will be coming up soon. The drama lasted for ten episodes, it aired form January 14th until two days ago, so far the first six shows have been subbed. It's a late night drama which are normally the best ones to watch and what a pleasant surprise it is when those shows get subbed.
 On January 8th there was a  mini event for the show with it's main three characters. Aoi has one of the major roles and sure drama fans will know the other female in these pics who is the show's star. The cast isn't that huge but there's a lot of other characters I need to check out such as these ones at the top. Following those pics are ones from the event along with a video of it.

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