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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mariko Shinoda: The massively enormous 'Happy.... 32nd(wow!) birthday' post....

 This is the first Mariko post in fourteen months and I'll take the blame for that. Granted Mariko isn't in the spotlight as much as she was when she was a member of AKB but there have been many activities to post about the past year. Will get to some of them in future posts and do have quite a few of them for today, there's seventy pics which have never been seen here.
 Also when I started this post realized she's not the only one who I tend not to post about as much about these days unless it's their b-day. Been trying to stop the habit and if you viewers have been noticing been doing many more posts recently for my older faves.

 Can't say it these days but at one time Mariko was my #1 Idol, being out of the scene for almost five years has hurt her position and can say that about a few others too. But still would have Mariko in my top seven or so plus she's near the top for being my all time fave AKB member. Of course she looks ultra exhilarating but I've always liked her sassiness and how she would speak her mind about many things such as the Idol industry, need more like her.
 Mariko for many years was a co-host on the PON! show but don't think she does that these days. However Mariko has been working much harder on her acting career and it seems to be paying off. She doesn't have lead but they're usually much bigger than they once were and she's been the main lead female in some films. Stage plays has been keeping Mariko busy lately, she has one beginning on March 29th and will have that info in her next post.
 Mariko just finished up a play on March 4th that was titled "Unfair Moon" which was based upon a popular novel. The play was staged at the Tennozu Galaxy Theater and opened on February 22nd. The video at the top is from a press conference that took place on November 17th, have pics from it here. The other pics are from the play's opening night.

 Mariko isn't much of a blogger but does upload quite a few pics to her Instagram site. First ones are of her celebrating birthday #32 which took place on March 11th, barely made it in time. Third and fourth pics have some faces I've seen before but forgot at the time to see who they were. 😖

 Don't see Mariko in too many mags these days except for More, her spreads for most mags from 2010-14 were some of the best ones in Idol history. She's been an exclusive model for More since September 2008, didn't realize it had been that long and these are recent pics from their website.

 There's many older things which I could get it but haven't, will try to though and am curious if she still has many(any) fans out there? Have a pair of golden oldies for today, this spread is from volume 20 of GTV and everyone should know who the other gal is.... or else!!!! What's surprising is that this set had never been posted here before, for some odd reason received a warning a few years back about posting a spread from this mag. So rarely these days are there pics from it and when it does happen never spell out the complete title. But bet many hundreds of other blogs have pics from the mag so was shocked they picked on me of all people. 😠

 AKB cards are lacking here for all of the members who I post about on a semi-regular basis, almost all of them are naturally the older gals and here's many cards to begin your collection with.

 Wonder if we'll ever see Mariko appear in any more gravure spreads or if she'll have another photobook? Hope so as to me she looks more attractive than ever these days. here's some 'Hall of Fame' pics to end off with and it's easy to see why she was once my #1 Idol. Too many videos to count on YT, one I chose is a terrific oldie(most are) from the AKB 1/48 series.

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  1. Like how the hair always looks the same length like it never grows. The ppl picked on ya already yet you haven't even made your debut on the catwalk.