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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nana Okada: "Kazaranai Hoseki" photobook scans

 As mentioned in yesterday's post the 'Nanas' are starting to dominate the posts, the past week close to half of them have featured the name 'Nana__' in the title. Said perhaps there should be some sort of series or post for the name, will try to think of something interesting. Also may have one for the shorter Idols and seems so many are considered not too tall or to me 155 cm or less.
 It's hard to tell in solo pics but had checked Nana's height, always though she was a bit tall yet stands just 155 cm. Have noticed that the '48' groups tend to have shorter members versus the ones from Nogi and Keya, that'll be yet another project to work on.

 AKB released their 51st single "Jabaja" two days ago, as is the norm it sold a little over a million in it's first day out. For it's second day the sales dropped all the way down to 18,800 and was only ranked second on the Oricon daily charts. First day sales are mainly pre-orders so it seems they have that core group of fans and can't expand it like Nogi or Keya has whose singles sell quite well for weeks and Keya's latest single was third on today's daily chart.
 Sales for this book are to me very disappointing, the PB was released on February 27th. In it's first week the sales were 7,777 copies sold which seems like it may have been altered as that can sound out to be Nananananananana! It was fourth best seller that week but thought the sales would have been much higher, looking at this week's chart right now and Nana's book has already dropped off. The photobook sales for AKB members have really tailed off the past few years and also the ones for their sister groups. Forgot to mention it but Nana has the center position for the new single.
 Shame the sales haven't been better as this is one of the best photobooks I've seen in a long time, it's going to be hard for any 2018 PB to top this one. Nana looks so dynamite in these pics which were taken in Hawaii, nice mix of regular and swimsuit pics. More swimsuit ones than you would have thought but Nana did say the reason for that is why go to Hawaii if you're not going to have a lot of those kinds of pics? Like her reasoning and although Nana means seven in Japanese none of these pics get that mark as most of them rate a ten to me. Enough blabbering and let's get on to this superb collection which totals an even hundred pics, as far as I know there's no video of the photo shoot.

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