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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jin Ki-Joo: "Wednesday 3:30 PM" drama recap.... episode's five and six

Air Dates: June 7th to June 21, 2017 on SBS for ten episodes,
 shows were 18-23 minutes in length

Main Cast:

Jin Ki-Joo as Sun Eun-Woo
Lee Hong-Bin as Yoon Jae-Won
Ahn Bo-Hyun as Baek Seung-Kyu
Cha Jung-Won as Gang Na-Yeon
Kim Hye-Ji as Kim Hye-Won
JoSeung-Hee as Choi Seon-Ah

 Will have a different video at the top for all of these recaps. One above for this post is a short behind the scenes one from a fifth episode scene, Ki-Joo looked so adorable as an eighteen year old. In this show she plays an office manager who is 31 but in real life her age at the time the show aired was 28. Every show has ended off with a mini cliffhanger which is never continued into the next episode, four into five wasn't much different.

 Last recap was three weeks ago so may help to check that one out again. The 'Wednesday 3:30 pm Project' was started by Eun-Woo's old time friend Jae-Won after she had been dumped by her
ex-boyfriend Seung-Kyu. It was a Wednesday at 3:30 pm when Eun-Woo had been told to take a hike by him, that's supposedly the time of the week when women look their worst. Since then Eun-Woo and Jae-Won have been posting pictures on an Instagram account trying to woo her old boyfriend back, that's Jae-Won above saying the project may be ending.
 Episode four had concluded with Seung-Kyu standing outside of Eun-Woo's apartment, before he could utter a word Jae-Won had popped out the apartment door. He's been staying with Eun-Woo since he has no place to stay while his coffee cafe is being rebuilt after a fire, their relationship has been platonic. Seung-Kyu isn't quite sure of that and to begin the fifth episode off he asked Eun-Woo out for a quick drink.
 He said very little during their brief outing, think Seung-Kyu was a bit taken back by the sight of
Jae-Won. The project has been a success as Eun-Woo has been looking better than ever, especially Wednesday's at 3:30 pm and she's won over the heart of Seung-Kyu again. Nothing of importance was said by Seung-Kyu which baffled Eun-Woo as she had so much she wanted to say to him. Not really sure why she wants him back so much as he humiliated Eun-Woo badly when he dumped her.

 The lives of Eun-Woo and Jae-Won living together seems to be going well, as mentioned their relationship has been a platonic one but they get along better than most married couples. It's been a few months but finally the day for his Brunch Cafe to reopen has arrived. Jae-Won has become a master at brewing coffee during the long break from work and his cafe is destined to be a success. The cafe was also the place where Seung-Kyo had broken up with Eun-Woo.
 One of his first customers was Seung-Kyu who had no idea Jae-Won was the new owner. To impress his new girlfriend Hye-Won, who works under Eun-Woo, he ordered a pair of Panama Geishas. When the order arrived he played it coolly and said it was one of the best he's ever tasted. The problem was it wasn't his order and Seung-Kyu was going gung-ho over drinking regular coffee which made him look like a fool in front of Hye-Won and Jae-Won.
 Eun-Woo has been a bit down in the dumps since that brief encounter with Seung-Kyu. The project to win him back was a success, why couldn't he confess his love to her one more time? The project according to Jae-Won is winding down, for now he has one more adventure for them which is to visit  a dumpling restaurant. Ever since she was a child dumplings have been the food to raise Eun-Woo's spirits, worked 25 years ago and it's still working these days. They visited an out of the way restaurant which served some of the best dumplings in Korea, a pic for that was used for their Instagram entry and for now it's the final one.

 That second screenshot above wasn't of the pair officially spending the night together but they had slept with their dog Huchu during a violent thunderstorm. Dates are never mentioned but we do know the day of Eun-Woo's birthday has arrived. Jae-Won had prepared a cake from his cafe and had bought a bottle of wine for them to celebrate with. However on her way home Eun-Woo was stopped by Hye-Won who needed to have a word with her manager outside of work.
 She informed Eun-Woo that Seung-Kyu has broken off with her, does that mean that Eun-Woo is now back on his radar to become his girlfriend again? Of course the answer to that is a resounding yes, to be honest with how fabulous Eun-Woo has been looking seems she could do much better than her ex-boyfriend. Before he pops the question to her again Seung-Kyu visits a bar with Jae-Won, there's a few things he needed cleared up.

 Jae-Won came clean about his relationship with Eun-Woo, the two have just been the best of friends since childhood. He also tells Seung-Kyu the main reason for starting the 'Wednesday 3:30 pm Project', it was because of him dumping Eun-Woo. Can't make up my mind yet about Seung-Kyu, so far he's neither been a good nor bad guy though more bad with the way he broke up with Eun-Woo. He's a quiet guy and perhaps it's hard to figure out what kind of person he really is as we haven't seen too much of his personal side.
 During their drink Jae-Won handed Seung-Kyu a pair of rings, Seung-Kyu thought they had burned up in the cafe fire. They were locked in a metal box which kept them safe, the rings were worn by Seung-Kyu and Eun-Woo while they were dating and he had left his at the cafe when they broke up. That above screenshot is of Eun-Woo talking to Jae-Won, according to him the time for the finale of the project has arrived. When he finished his call Eun-Woo looked up and who should be about fifty feet in front of her but Seung-Kyu!
 That startled her slightly but don't know why as the reason for the project was for this moment, she knew it would be coming sooner or later. Her and Seung-Kyu finally have that talk together or should I say it was just him doing the talking as Eun-Woo sat on a park bench in a daze. Seung-Kyu took the rings they once wore out, he put them back on their fingers and so far Eun-Woo still hadn't uttered a word. At that point the sixth episode ended, these shows aren't too long as the pair of them for today's recap totaled about 46 minutes and most shows are about twenty minutes in length.

 There's been a few dramas I've said it's better to view them than to read about the series. This is one of those shows, the reasons are it's not overly interesting, there's zero action and it does drag at times. However it's been quite a fun view up until now and think it'll remain that way for the final four episodes, so far would recommend watching this as the length of it is only ~210 minutes.
 Something will drastically change in the final four shows. I'm under the impression that Eun-Woo is eventually going to get together with her old friend Jae-Won, he better get moving as there's not much time left for him. Will have back to back posts for those final four episodes, not sure exactly when they'll be done but hopefully within a week.

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