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Friday, April 20, 2018

"Koe Girl" drama: episode two recap

 Air Dates: April 7, 2018 to....  Saturdays at 2:30 am on TV Asahi.... also known as Voice Girl

 Main Cast:

The 'Voice Actresses'

Haruka Fukuhara as Makoto Kikuchi
Yurika Nakamura as Asami Kuriyama
Mariua Nagao as Ren Inaba
Jun Amaki as Konatsu Morimoto
Aoi Yoshikura as Ryoko Ochiai

Their Managers

Shingo Tsurumi as Yuichiro Oshima
Masaki Nakao as Katsutoshi Masada

Haruka Tomatsu as Haruka Tomatsu(plays herself)

 Though there's five wanna-be voice actresses the story revolves around Haruka as Makoto who through two episodes has been in 95% of the scenes. At the top is a short promo for this episode, will try to find different videos instead of promos for future recaps.

 No need to discuss what happened in the first show as that recap is just above this post. After a miserable first day at her voice actress training Makoto studied all night and thinks she's now going to be a star in no time. Bet many have thought that way but as we'll soon see things don't always work so perfectly in life. Before the work gets intense their manager Oshima has some news for them, all of his voice actresses have to live together so he's rented them a four bedroom pad.
 Four bedrooms means one pair will have to double up, after pulling straws to Asami's dismay she has to share a bunk bed with Makoto! As you may recall Asami is the most advanced of the five girls when it comes to voice acting, she feels Makoto may drag her down. But having five voice actresses live together has it's advantages as they can practice with each other along with giving advice.
 For now Oshima has the five going on individual auditions for voice acting parts. Know that Konatsu ended up getting a role but how the others did wasn't mentioned but would think three of them got roles. One who didn't was Makoto who went to over five auditions and failed miserably at all of them. Makoto had a tendency to freeze up and also couldn't pronounce the words correctly, the other girls try to cheer her up but once again Makoto is down in the dumps.

 Their managers have given the five girls some good news which is about a new anime. The story is called "End of the Century Chocolate Girls" and Oshima wants all five to audition as there's many parts in the anime. That won't be happening for a while so in the meantime the five are still attending auditions, as I said it wasn't mentioned how three are doing but it seems they've been getting roles.
 That is of course doesn't include Makoto who keeps failing at auditions, seems like it's just a matter of time until her manager Oshima has no choice but to drop her. However he's taken a liking towards Makoto, her voice and personality is just as good as the others but her delivery and the way she presents herself really needs to be fine tuned. Once again when Makoto was at her lowest she ran into Haruka who tried to cheer her up as she told Makoto every voice actress gets rejected at auditions. The mini talk pepped Makoto up a bit so she decided to attend one final audition.

 The other four gals, including Asami, rally around Makoto and help her with the lines for her last audition. Above she tells her manager Oshima it'll be her final one, if she fails she'll leave his company though he still has confidence in her. There's an incident at the end of the show that changed everything about Makoto's life, it took place the day before the audition.
 The five gals went out together to see a movie though Makoto had thought she should have stayed at home practicing for the role. After the film the five found a little girl who couldn't find her mother, four tried to cheer her up to no avail. But when Makoto gave it a try she was a smashing success as the girl started to laugh at Makoto's act where she does voice acting, that delivery is what first attracted Oshima towards her. That performance was so superb other children gathered around and Makoto was a big hit, the other four told her that's the way she needs to act in an audition.
 Makoto hadn't realized she was acting so differently at auditions, not at all like she did entertaining normal people on the street or at the family store. With this knowledge Makoto went into her final audition full of confidence, it was with some producers who had failed her before. They weren't paying much attention to Makoto at first but with her new style of voice acting they sat up and approved of the new and improved Makoto. Later that night Makoto received a text message from the producers.... they were so impressed with her that she's just landed her first voice acting gig! What her role will be is unknown for now as the second episode ended on that high note for Makoto.

 Two excellent episodes so far and as usual it's the late night dramas that are the most enjoyable ones to watch. This show airs at 2:30 am on Saturday nights, think it deserved a much earlier time slot as they're can't be too many viewers up at that time or at least sober ones. The third episode airs tomorrow night but will be doing these recaps back to back so will be back once the fourth episode airs and is subbed.

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