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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Mariko Shinoda: Yet another blast from the past for a mega fave....

 Quite a few of the posts lately for some of my one time huge faves who have become a bit forgotten about over the years. That could be because the current state of Idols while okay doesn't compare to the ones from years ago, seems especially for ex-AKB members. Mariko at one time may have been my #1 idol, not these days but will always have a place in my top ten.
 Week ago had a rough list of my all time hottest '48' family members, Mariko finished eighth on that list which sounds about right. However if it was just for my all time fave members she would move way up, she'd probably end up in the third or fourth position. Didn't do a b-day post for Mariko who turned 32(!) on March 11, she still looks so fabulous to me.

 Sadly we haven't had jaw-dropping gravure spreads from Mariko in a few years, with so many Idols and actresses that are around thirty releasing photobooks why hasn't she? As I'm writing this am listening to an AKB CD, planned it perfectly as currently playing is "Ue kara Mariko". Not one of their best songs but I really enjoy it and it was Mariko's only time being a center though she had very solo lines in the song.
 At the top is the PV for it, the song is catchy but the segment before the tune starts is the best part of the video. The single came out on December 7, 2011 and even though it was released so late in the year it was still the fourth best selling single of 2011. Do recommend viewing it if you've never seen it and you'll notice none of the 'A-List' members from that period were in the video. Reason she was the center was because she won that year's AKB 'Janken' tournament.

 This is Mariko's 78th post and what makes that number impressive is that almost all of them have been solo ones. It's been easier for Keya and Nogi members to have huge post counts as they're included in group posts while I've never done any group ones for AKB and don't plan too. With that many posts it means just about all of Mariko's older activities have been posted so haven't been able to go back in time for her. Do have one set of older pics though which are from Love Mary, they were a wedding dress company and she had her own line for them for close to four years.

 Always like those wedding dress pics but she stopped working for the company in 2014. While many viewers here may have forgotten about Mariko she still has many '48' family friends out there as these are all recent Instagram pics.

 Good disguise for the member in the first two pics, almost didn't recognize her. Mariko is still an exclusive model for the More magazine but think their pics are only so-so. No pics for that mag today but have an older set from last July which is from Soccer Game King.

 More recent spread as she graced the cover of the February 1st issue of Tokyo Walker Plus.

 Mariko has kept quite busy the last few years as an actress, no big starring roles but she does appear in many things whether it's dramas or films. Also appearing in plays as she's been in four the past two years. Mariko's role in her current play is one of her bigger ones as she has the lead female role and the title of the play is "Laughing Big Tower". It's her first comedy role in a play, it opened on March 29th st the Globe Theater in Shinjuku. Tomorrow is it's last day there as it'll be moving on to Nagoya, Hyogo and some other cities. Pics here are from a March 9th event for the play.

 Last item for today, will work on not having such a big gap between her posts in the future. On March 19th Mariko was at an event for 'Pan +(Pando)', that's how it's spelled. Pan means bread in Japanese and the the event was for a new frozen bread for the brand. Plenty of terrific pics from the event and I really like Mariko dressed casually like this, video of it is after the pics.