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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mion Mukaichi: Magazine scans #1

 Figured with friends like that Mion finally deserved a solo post and actually could have titled this as her 'intro post #1'.  Mion is one AKB member who I still do like and had been wavering for a long time on whether to start posting about her. Obviously the wavering stopped and should be able to have two more posts for 2017 spreads.

 Mion has been in a bunch of other posts as she's appeared many times with some of my current AKB faves in spreads. Plus she appeared in the "Cabasuka Gakuen" drama, enjoyed her character of Fugu but the cast was so big we didn't see enough of her or a few others.

 Don't know if the evidence will back it up but to me AKB has had the shortest members of any J-Pop group. Seems that most members have been or are 157 cm or shorter which is only a little over 61 inches. Mion is quite a short gal at 150 cm but you don't notice it that much as the gals surrounding her are aren't much taller.
 Mion turned twenty close to three months ago, thought she was older as she's been around for a while and she joined AKB in 2013. Will have a few other bio facts along with more variety of things in her future posts but wanted to break the ice with this first post. Friday magazine seems to like Mion quite a bit as she's appeared in at least five issues this past year and has also been their cover girl for many of them. This is a brand new set from the mag for April 13th.

 So far that's been the only Mion solo spread for this year but guarantee she'll have plenty coming up. Another Friday cover for her which is from their December 8th edition.

 As mentioned should have two more posts for 2017 mag spreads as Mion appeared in so many last year. This spread is from volume 25 of BLT Graph which came out last October.

 Final Mion spread of the day is the biggest one and is from last October's issue of Young Champion. After the pics have quite a scintillating video for all Mion fans to enjoy.... with all of the photobooks that have come out recently hope that means she's in line for one.