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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Miru Shiroma: Magazine scans #6....

 Miru seemed to have more mag spreads than any other Idol from August until November last year, they ceased rather abruptly. Have three for today along with a few other things but can't believe Miru has appeared in only three mags these last few months especially with NMB releasing a new single that came out on April 4th.
 That single is titled "Yokubomono" and to me it was a bit better than their previous 2-3 singles.
J-Pop fans haven't felt that way as it's sold about 200,000 copies in it's first week. "Warota People" was NMB's previous single which came out in December and it sold 273,000 copies in it's first week, sales for the '48' groups continue to slide. Can't blame Miru as she wasn't the center for this latest single, perhaps she should have been. Miru did center one of the other songs n the single which was "Yojijukugo Girls" and the PV is at the top, song is fairly decent though the video is kind of boring.

 Miru does have quite a few NMB/AKB cards but don't recall ever posting any of then before. Perhaps I'll try to have a post for her 2017 cards and the ones here are for this year.

 Actually there's only been two Miru spreads for this year, her last post was in November so didn't have a chance to post this until now which is from the December 7th edition of Tokyo Walker Plus.

 Have done three recent posts for NMB mag spreads for 2018, should have another one coming up soon. In case you missed the last post had this ultra seductive set that's from the March 13th issue of Young Champion.

 Still no word if Miru will have a photobook this year, not many Idols deserve one more than she does. Final set has her on another cover and is from the April 17th edition of Flash, bottom four pics are from the photo shoot. After this set of pics have a highly recommended video which is for Miru's Young Champion spread.


  1. Well ain't that a killer edition of flash, got Mariya in it too.

  2. Oi bro!!!!!! Just finished "Sorry, I love you" now and that last minute got me good m8, thought "shhhhh*t" then BAM that last minute happened and then it felt like the drama just ripped my guts out. They sure need a bucket for the amount of tears shed throughout the 2nd half of eps haha. A great drama indeed, always got a little frustrated once the guitar played whenever an ep ended because I felt that I've watched enough for the day but couldn't help it and said "just one more ay". 2 characters really had got on me nerves throughout the drama(I'm guessing you'd know who) and boi, they played it well. I don't know how you can rewatch that like hearing those 2 characters again bro, ugh, just shoot me, and the amount of times the drama would just rip into your heart m8, no thank you. I heard "Yun" so many times by his mum...makin me crazy. Eun-Chae's mum though m8, woahh she's on fire for most of the time, it's like she can blow the house down with her voice. Hard to not go into details to what happened as they may be others who haven't watched it and might stumble upon this comment(Hi there!👋) but I do have a question about the ending, so little [SPOILER]doesthemumknowintheend,doesn'tlooklikeitay?. I'm guessing when you were writing down the little character descriptions before, it could've been summed up to "JUST WATCH IT!!". What a solid show, I don't know if it was a good thing I watched it all at a fast pace or if I should have kept it at least 2 ep a day as I wasn't ready for that last ep, heart just dropped because...it's done, no more eps. Well...what to do...you broke me m8. Might need to go to sleep til I watch something else as what usually happens when I watch something that's too good that makes ya rip apart whatever drama/movie you wanna start or continue next. I'll leave it off with...the main song(?)

  3. Problem when you watch a drama or film that's so superb is how to you follow it up? So Ji-Sub is one of my fave actors, actually for Koreans he may be my #1. Once I finish up the current shows I'm viewing on deck is another rewatch of his 2012 drama "Ghost", that one is also highly recommended and so different than the one you just watched. Started to recap the show when I first viewed it two years ago but never posted any of them, may attempt to try it again.

  4. It's hard to follow up good dramas ay, especially when it's a sad one. Heard of many that admire So Ji-Sub's works(fella looks handsome too) but I haven't seen any of it prior to "Sorry, I love you", no reason in particular...actually no, that's a lie. Only saw him in "Always" with Hyo-Joo who plays a blind girl, a sad movie that got me in the end with that last 10mins or so. Was going to check out "Cain and Abel" because it looks like some crazy stuff is going to happen but guess I might start on "Ghost", looks completely different, maybe coz it's widescreen haha. Man, they look wayyyy cooler back then like I was looking at a few characters in dramas and how they kinda look the same, mostly with the young guys with the hairstyles, idk just a little rant because I was looking at a few dramas around 2000s and prior to watch and the characters just looked more cooler but hard to find. "Abunai Deka(1986)" is one example. Well, gotta put those other dramas on hold again haha, I can't jump between many stories.

  5. Lied again, saw him in "Battleship Island" as well as "Always" and they were both great movies, especially "Battleship Island". Just finished having a look at the 1st ep of "Ghost" and "Cain and Abel" and well made a bad decision because they both look interesting. Felt like a damn genius in "Ghost" when they had a look at the frequent web searches from the laptop, knew what it was before they announced it. As for "Cain and Abel", well, we all (kinda) know the story and it looks like it's already in play. "Ghost" just straight up kicked me in the story as for "Cain and Abel" which seems like it's building up quick to what it showed in the first minute or so, both got me in a pickle. Was going to watch the one that has less eps first but...they both got 20 eps😑. What's your take on "Cain and Abel"?

  6. "Ghost" was really superb and can't wait to view it again. Haven't seen "Cain and Abel" yet but keep saying I will, Shin Hyun-Joon is also a fine actor plus it does have Han

  7. Another reason why I watched it :)

  8. Though it won't be posted for two days just wrote up the recap for the ninth episode of 'Video Girl Ai'. What a letdown that series is compared to the ones that we've been discussing, really hope it picks up steam for it's last three shows.

  9. Tbh, I forgot what happened in it haha. Gotta see the last recap again.