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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Thanks for.... Seven Million Views(wow!)....

 Sigh, was hoping this would be a joyous post but perhaps not. Bit hard to get mad with Mai as she's probably right, actually seven million sounds a bit low to me! Surprisingly can never recall her ever making an appearance in one of my dreams and wonder if that.... WAIT! How does this keep happening, every time there's a 'Nao Kanzaki' post certain idols are able to hack into it?

 Gulp, if she keeps hacking in then who am I to complain?! Once again was thinking of that top twenty all time Idol list, Maimi just may be #1 but what an impossible list it would be. The top ten wouldn't be too difficult as it's been the same ten for well over a year, just some positions change. But the spots from 11-20 do change quite often, some drop off and then on occasion make the list again. All I really know is that the top five would be all Hello Project members while '48' family gals would male up the next five, don't think any Nogi member would make the top ten. WAIT AGAIN! Seems as though someone has been able to gain access to my computer once more....

 (Two hours later) Whew, paramedics work much quicker these days though unsure I'll ever be able to recover from the suggestion. Hmmmm, seven million seconds equals a tad over 81 days so guess if I'm AWOL for a while.... 😤
 On to more serious thoughts and my mind does tend to go over the edge even more for these Nao posts. Thanks to all who keep coming back as I must be doing something right. Set a record this time for quickest million views, usually it takes about six months to obtain that figure and perhaps a few extra days at times. This million only took 155 days which is four weeks sooner than the average and that's quite a jump in viewership.
 Kind of surprising as the amount of Nogi posts has dwindled compared to how many they used to have. Plus been having many more posts for drama recaps and Korean actresses, at one time neither received many views but the numbers have been rising. Actually the views have been steadily rising since February 20, 2017 and can only think of one reason for it, big drop in the chart is from then.

 Oh well, looks like you can't please everyone which means Nogi members! That record of 155 days will be tough to beat but have never had any set goals from day one so if it takes six months for the next million that's fine. Probably won't do another of these posts until ten million is hit unless that record is topped.
 On to more stats which many people like, know I do and glad baseball season is back in full swing. As you can see no country will ever top Japan in views but there are few countries one wouldn't think of being Idol loving places, Russia on the list is certainly a surprise though France isn't.

 On to the most viewed posts of all time and to me it'll be impossible for anyone to reach the top five, Kyoko is the oldest woman I post about yet she could be the most popular. Maki also had an army of fans here, bet so many have missed her the last two or so years.

 To me the most shocking stat is that Yumi from Nogi has the seventh most viewed post of all time. Hard to believe it would draw more views than Mai's or other member's photobooks yet it has by a wide margin. The two that please me the most are that Mayu is eighth on the most viewed list, she could be my current fave actress. Nice to see Yua at #5 on most viewed posts the past month, to me she's the most underrated gal I post about often.

 I am listening to Morning Musume for this post, their older songs without a doubt are the best in the history of J-Pop. No changes here will be coming up, would like to think of a few new series as they tend to keep my inspiration at a higher level. Need to start again on the 'Singles Series', C-ute and
Juice=Juice are done so need to continue on with MM and ANGERME. Those are my fave posts but take so long to do, one 'Single Series' post takes as just as long as doing three regular ones.
 Last 'Thank You' post which took place at the end of October listed my current top ten Nogi members. Thought I'd do something like that again and it'll be a list of something I talk about often which is the ten hottest '48' gals. Not a top ten fave members list as that would be different but have you ever thought who are the steamiest gals in AKB, SKE, HKT or NMB you'd want to be with?

 But not just be with but have a scenario for the situation. No Banzai Venus as the alien race from that planet named Slodi have attacked Earth and we'll be destroyed in two hours, as I said my brain goes nutty during Nao posts. Of the 500+ '48' gals who have been in the groups which one would you want to spend your last two living hours with? Would like to hear from a few viewers as I'm positive your list would be so different than mine.
 Listed my top ten most 'seductive, hot, alluring, steamiest, etc.' members of all time here going from ten to number one who took the spot by a mile. Have four pics of each and sure most should know who they all are, have ten pics for the top two and a video for my all time '48' hottest gal. The breakdown is two from NMB, three from SKE and five from AKB while HKT was shut out. The ninth and second position gals both celebrate the same b-day which is this Tuesday.


  1. 👏👏
    Kinda hope ya end up doing 1000 posts for this year or next for no reason in particular, when I look at the recent years they're just within the 900 slowly pushing up to 1000. Aus will be on that top ten list one day...just for the sake of it, we barely rank in the Olympics so hey. To think of what could happen within 7 million seconds, your nuttiness is understandable as thinking of 10 '48' girls, things are steaming over here. So for the Slodi(idols?) invasion,
    10. Maho Yamaguchi (Bit thin but face wise 🔥)
    9. Maria Abe
    8. Rina Hirata
    7. Tomomi Kasai
    6. Mariya Nagao
    5. Natsuki Kojima
    4. Mai Oshima
    3. Haruna Kojima
    2. Special K (Kei Jonishi)
    1. Yuki Kashiwagi
    Bit predictabo but hey, shuddup and ava 🍺

  2. Forgot about Mariya but don't think she could have squeezed on. Heard a few others had the same choices too though they're the viewers from the School of the Blind.

  3. Did check out Marie and Natsuki, neither one has had a solo mag spread for over three years! Obviously that makes posting about them a bit difficult so they must not be all that popular except to fans who like also-rans.
    Sayaka Akimoto may have been the member overlooked as I always thought she was ultra hot. Also to Yuka Masuda makes my blood boil and boil and....

  4. I don't understand why Maria or Natsuki haven't gotten a solo mag like m8, did we not see Natsuki at the janken tournament and also the blue top and white skirt!!! She's leaving as well so f***. Maria popped in one group mag in the recent months from what I know and she was da bomb.
    Sayaka was definitely a hot lady, and also abs were 👍👍...👍 like Natsumi Matsubara's abs which were not as prominent but sure caught my eyes(pretty sure a single digit percentage of ppl remember her). I forgot put Ayaka Umeda on the list, always thought she looked 👍 but it was never really pushed in the pics. Just realised the 3 are from sub-unit, Diva with Sae. Was gonna put Shinobu Mogi on the list as well and Nana Fujita and...I'm gonna listen to the old AKB songs now, starting off with Blue Rose.