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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mayu Matsuoka: More pics and video from the 31st 'Tokyo International Film Festival'

 Not a huge post for Mayu but I never pass up the opportunity to post about her as she's really one of my bigger faves. Speaking of that was going to have a post tonight talking about how this year's top twenty list will be run but forgot all about until a few minutes ago so will have that tomorrow, she's one that will easily make it.
 Lot of viewers seem to like Mayu and even though her posts are always ultra conservative they do attract a lot of attention. She really seems like a gal you'd want to hang out with, have read a few articles on how she likes to hit some bars and suck down a few which is my kind of woman. Mayu being the #1 biggest Morning Musume on the planet is certainly a big plus for her too.

 Those fabulous pics above are from about two weeks ago when Mayu took a stroll on the red carpet for the 31st 'Tokyo International Film Festival'. No new film of Mayu's was shown though her movie from June "Shoplifters" had another screening.
 Mayu had a huge honor at this year's festival as she was their ambassador and that's something you never see happen to a 23 year old though she is such a respected actress. The festival ran for ten days, on the 3rd their closing ceremony was held where she received a special award for her hard work being this year's ambassador. Plenty of fine looking pics below from the ceremony along with a video. Sad to say there's no upcoming films or dramas for Mayu that have been announced yet which means after averaging over two dramas a year since 2013 she'll appear in zero for 2018.