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Monday, December 17, 2018

Ayako Kato: Her intro post #3....

 Just Ayako's third post and wish there at least ten times as many but the blame lies with me as I admit I forget about her at times. She's mainly a newscaster and variety show host so you don't notice her in mags or other things like you would an actress or Idol. No doubt that Ayako is the hottest announcer in the world by far and may have mentioned it in one of her previous two posts but to me she may be the second most attractive woman in Japan, she truly makes my blood boil.
 This is another of my patented 'spur of the moment posts', have had some of these pics for two weeks but had been holding on to them for some unknown reason. However there was an event today and thought many viewers would like to see the pics. Actually that's highly doubtful as Ayako's first two posts weren't popular at all, can see why as she's not an Idol but her looks are honestly second to nobody save for one....

 Have fifty pics for today which is an okay amount considering I wasn't planning on doing a post for her. Ayako is seemingly everywhere except for appearing in too many mags. As mentioned she's a variety show host along with being an announcer for the news and so many other events such as the Olympics. She's also a model but never seems to stay with one fashion site for too long, don't think these have been posted before which are from the Maquia site back in 2016.

 Newer Ayako pics from the Bijin Hyakka site, she occasionally appears in their mag.

 Today which is January 17th Ayako was at an event and she truly shines at them, think the next batch of pics are even more fabulous. It was a press conference held at the JP Tower Hall and Conference center in Tokyo. The event was to promote a new line of New Year's Cards such as ones in 3-D, some that have the scent of flowers, some that pop out to be charms and oddball things like that. The event was titled 'Evolutionary Cards' and that is an Arashi member jumping out of a card. For some odd reason don't mind the group that much and actually do enjoy their 'Arashi VS' show quite a bit.

 Definitely need to do so many more pics with Ayako event appearances as she absolutely shines at them. On November 29th Ayako was at a tree lighting ceremony called 'Blue Cove Shibuya' which took place at the Yoyogi section of the ward. The special light show runs until December 31st and there's a total of 600,000 blue lights at it. The attraction is also held in Osaka and Sapporo, at the event you can see she that besides Ayako's perfect looks she also dazzled the crowd with her tickling the ivory keys. Plenty of utterly fantastic Ayako pics from the event and following them is a must watch video from it.