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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Masami Nagasawa 2011 news and mag scans

 More Masami so we can end the year off on a good note, first off here is her at a Keirin awards ceremony 2 days ago, don't know the name of the person who won the award but he's a bike racer.

 From Hot Pepper Beauty which is a free mag and there were 4 different covers of Masami.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Masami Nagasawa 2011 news and mag scans

 Mentioned earlier about Masami's new drama starting up in February called Bunshin on the WOWOW channel, some promo shots they've released for it.

 The Moteki movie was a huge hit when it was released back in September, never hitting the top spot at the box office but stayed at #2 for 4 weeks, now it's been announced that the DVD will be coming out on March 23rd, looks loike though it's another release without English subs, let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that one of the versions will have some, to get you in the mood here's some shots of Masami from the film.

 Just a one page scan from  Escala.

 Masami from Kokuriko Zara Kara.

 And finally, hope I have the name of the show correct, Masami on KiraKira Afuro show 2 days ago but that's the host of A-Studio who's driving the taxi.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hideko Takamine in "Arakure" synopsis

 The next Hideko Takamine film we'll be taking a look at is from 1957, Arakure also known as Untamed Woman, also another movie directed by Mikio Naruse. It's based on a 1915 novel of the same name written by Shusei Tokuda and takes place during the early 1900's, the late Meiji era in Japan.

 Synopsis: Hideko plays Oshima, a woman who has had so many downs in her life but yet keeps struggling to reach the next level only to once again take a fall. As the film begins she has been recently married to a widowed factory owner, this was an arranged marraige as they had nothing in common and really did not like each other. He also had a mistress on the side, during an arguement about that the pregnant Oshima tried to flee away only to take a tumble down the stairs and losing the baby, shortly after the two of them got divorced.

 Next Oshima goes to work for an owner of a hotel to pay off her brothers debt, the owner quickly falls for Oshima due to the fact his wife is very ill and in the hospital. Eventually though the wife gets better and heads home leading to Oshima having to leave the hotel though she really did enjoy being there and also came to fall for the owner, feelings she had throughout the rest of the film, they may have gotten even stronger but the two of them never end off being together. Her next step is becoming a tailor for a friend she knew, she became so successful at it she eventually started her won business doing it with a deliveryman Onada, they also end up getting married. Business was good but not good enough as their company folds, both work enough at some other jons to get money and once again they open up another tailoring shop.

 Once again their venture is mildly succesful but her husband has some straying eyes, after telling Oshima he was going on a business trip for a week she tailed him and found that he was starting an affair with another woman, the same woman who had an affair with her first husband. At this point we're not sure what happened to Onada as he fled away but Oshima once again stood proud, as the film ends she calls up the shop's assistant and tells him they're going to start their own shop which he quickly agrees to. What happens next is anyone's guess as the film ends with Oshima walking along the street in a downpour, will things work out this time or is she once again going to be dealt a bad hand?

 I really enjoyed this film, more than most other Takamine/Naruse efforts though quite a few other reviews on it are mixed. Was a bit slow in the middle which is one complaint, another was that it stayed almost too true to the novel but they're both minor issues, one being that most of us have never read the novel or perhaps have never heard of it. For me Hideko was just superb in this film, showed such a wide range of emotions and character, she was a woman in this film who constantly got beaten down but always kept coming back even more confident each time. Have mentioned before Naruse films don't need ratings, they all need to be seen, sure some are better than others but I've never seen one bad one yet, regardless of what some other reviewers have said this is a recommended film, especially for Hideko fans, if you're not one this would be a good place to start.
 Check below for the movie info plus the next post has many screenshots of Hideko from the movie, also have reviewed a few of her other movies this month which you may want to check out, her acting and screen presence become so addictive in a good way, recommend any movie she's been in.

Year: 1957   Length: 121 minutes   Director: Mikio Naruse

Cast: Hideko Takamine, Daisuke Kato, Masayuki Mori, Ken Uehara, Keiko Kishi

Monday, December 26, 2011

Masami Nagasawa 2011 news and more

 Has an article before about Masami's new drama that is starting up on February 2nd that's called Bunshin, here's the cover for the theme song for it with Masami on the cover of it.

 Small spread here of Masami from the January issue of Hot Pepper Beauty.

 And some older pics here, had mentioned before about Masami's play back in August, Crazy Honey, had posted some promo pics for the play but no shots from the actual play itself, here's some here.