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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ayame Gouriki: Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou episode 2 screenshots

 An okay episode but to be totally honest bit of a letdown after the first show, realize Shioriko(Ayame) isn't going to be solving murder, bank robberies or serious crimes in this drama which is fine, kind of liked the low key mysteries she and her two cohorts were or appear as though they were going to solve but really hoping the cases will be a bit interesting, episode one's was but this last show it wasn't too interesting at all, started off as though it may have been one but ended up being a rather boring one.

 Story this time around revolved around Shioriko's friend Shida who also owned a bookstore and had lived in the back of her store for some time now. Shida had a book stolen from him or was it perhaps an accident, one day a teenage female HS student knocked over his bike which he had some books stored on it, she ended up taking one of them but the question was why and was it on purpose? The book in question was not an expensive one and was easy enough to find but had much sentimental value to Shida but through Shioriko's cunning ways she was able to deduce much of what happened and why the girl took the book. Seems as though the girl was a love struck teen who needed the red ribbon attached to the book to wrap a present for a boy who eventually turned her down quite coldly, story at this point really went downhill as they had figured out halfway through the show what happened but this episode for the second half was pretty much of a sappy story and really uninteresting, couldn't wait for it to be over. Still was watchable but if you've seen the first episode then you'd see too how much this show pales in comparison, hopefully it was just a one time deal, hard for any series to every episode a real winner so this drama has plenty of time to get back on track, just need the stories to be a bit more interesting. Have some screenshots here of Ayame from this episode, she was fine but then again she always is, really can never remember doing anything but a superb job in all her dramas.

Yui Aragaki: New Canon promo pics

 Gakky has a new CM for Canon coming out real soon, she's done many for them in the past already and when the new one is released look for it here, to start off there's a few new promo pics from their site followed by some behind the scenes shots of her making the CM.

Masami Nagasawa: Voce 2012 Beauty Awards show pics

 Bit quiet as of late with Masami, can't think of the last mag spread she's done but she certainly makes up for it all yesterday at the Voce 2012 Beauty Awards show where she was their choice for the 2012 Beauty of the Year, really no arguments from me on Masami being the winner, check out some really fine pics of her at the show.

Yui Aragaki: Nylon Fashion Photo Magazine scans

 Promised a few days ago would do more posts on Gakky after such a long layoff between them, not much going on with her but a new Canon CM is coming out soon and will have some info on that, but meanwhile have a really nice looking magazine spread from the end of last September that was put out by Nylon.