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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kyoko Fukada Remote drama images episodes 1-2 and synopsis

 Remote was a 2002 drama that starred Kyoko Fukada as Ayaki Kurumi and Domoto Koichi as Himuro Kosaburo, it was based upon a popular 10 volume manga series. Himuro was once a fast rising star on the Metro Police Force until a year before where he failed, though the true details eventually come out, on solving a crime and his girlfriend was killed. Thinking he was the one who killed her, Himuro has locked himself in his basement at home and never leaves, though he still works for the Police but an assistant from the force does all the outside work.

 This is where Ayaki comes in, working as a traffic officer she gets assigned to help Himuro solve the cases, all his previous helpers quit quite quickly as he's a difficult person to work for. Ayaki is also engaged about to get married so she agrees to help Himuro thinking she's going to be quitting the force when she gets married which she assumes will be soon. Ayaki is sort of a bumbling officer but one who trys to her utmost and has her heart in the right place, her and Himuro are certainly an odd pair but actually work very well together. As Himuro never leaves his basement Ayaki also has an ear transmitter to communicate with him as he stays in his basement and orders her what to do, even under tense situations she seems to always find herself in.  The series ends with Ayaki about to get married but another case comes up, will these 2 remain partners for a lot longer?

 I certainly enjoyed the drama, beat my expectations for it, stayed mostly true to the manga stories only real difference was Ayaki in the manga dressed so much more sexy than the drama, Kyoko though looked great thoughout the series. I'd give this this a solid recommendation, enjoyable and the series moved along at a nice pace, easy enough drama to find at quite a few sites. Check the next few post for a quick recap of all the episodes plus many screenshots.

Kyoko Fukada as Ayaki Kurumi
Domoto Koichi as Himuro Kosaburo
Konishiki as Bob Kato
Tamaki Hiroshi as Shingo
Jun Nagura as Otaguro Keibu

Plus guest spots by Eita, Rio Matsumoto, Miki Sakai and Yoshino Kimura

Episode 1 & 2- This is when Ayaki is recruited to work with Himuro and their first case is to track down a killer who dresses as a clown.

Cover of the manga which the series was based on.

Kyoko Fukada Remote drama images episodes 3-4

 Episodes 3 & 4- Another two parter, this time Himuro and Ayaki are after a serial bomber, they have evidence that he's about to blow up a high school so Ayaki goes undercover as a student to try to find the culprit and the bombs. Guest stars Miki Sakai as a teacher at the school, also it's revealed that she and Himuro share a past together.