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Friday, July 21, 2017

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #28....

 Will try to do a post in the next day or two for Yuuri who turned 24 yesterday. Unfortunately she's not the easiest member to get new pics for which is such a shame as she's one of my bigger faves in Nogi. Forget the exact position but she did make last year's 'Top Fave Ten Nogi Members' list, as far as looks go not many members have anything on Yuuri.

 If I can't find enough new things perhaps a 'pairs post' could be in order with Hinako who also had a birthday this week, she's someone who has kind of disappeared the last few months.
 Been a quiet last two weeks for Nogi except for last Sunday's Senbatsu lineup announcement for their new single. Keya released their first album this week and really think one group stays out of the limelight so the other can get the attention as both groups are managed by the same company.
 Have two new mag spreads and though this first one is only four pics they're truly superb ones. It's from Young Jump #34 and it features the third generation member Minami. Glad to see her finally get a spread as she's my second fave new member, she's also Nogi's tallest gal at 170 cm.

 Naturally I've always liked Nanase, she's about to become just the third gal to reach 300 posts. However for so long never thought she was too attractive compared to some other members but in the last year think her looks have improved more than any other member, these days I will say she is quite impressive looking. Nogi's first film "Asahinagu' will be coming out on September 22nd, she has the lead of Asahi in the film. This spread is promoting it and it's from volume 35 of Switch.

 Nanase turned 23 on May 25th, kind of like woman when they tend to get a bit older. Been posting many pics the last month of her from Non-no's Instagram site and have plenty more of them today. Will have her spread for September's issue of Non-no in Nogi's next post.

 Nogi's next single is titled "Nigemizu", have heard a shortened version of it which was just so-so. But perhaps the longer version will be better, the PV is out for it though it's not on YT. Sure we'll be seeing many upcoming things soon promoting it, release date for it is August 9th and the title means Escaped Water. Few promo pics have come out for it and here are a some of them.

 Baito is a jobs agency in Japan and Nogi has been doing CM's for the company for many months now. About every two weeks a new video is released, have been slacking on them as this is the 14th one and think the last one posted was #10. But the brand new video is good as it features Kana who is a member we don't see enough of and sadly she like four others was demoted to Undergirls for the new single, on her blog she was very disappointed with what happened.

Mizuki Fukumura: "Hatachi" photobook scans part one

 The above pics in this and the next post are from the DVD that was included with the deluxe version of this breathtaking photobook. Checked on YT but it's unfortunately not there yet, if it ever is will be posting it as it's one incredible video just like many more that she has.
 "Hatachi" is Mizuki's fourth photobook, have posted the scans from her last one but not her first two as she was under eighteen at the time. Title of the book refers to her turning twenty but in about three months she'll be celebrating her 21st b-day.
 Mizuki has appeared in so many issues of Young Gangan and every spread truly deserves a rating of A++++. For some reason she doesn't appear in too many other mags which is kind of surprising, their loss I guess. The pics that make up the PB are actually outtake ones since last October, think Young Gangan had this book in mind as these are all from their photo shoots.
 The pics are so amazing you wonder why they were considered outtakes, so many are better than the ones that made up her spreads. Close to a total of one hundred pics from the PB, part two is in the next post and this may be my #1 book of the year to date, release date for the PB was July 15th.