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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Yui Aragaki: "Mix" movie premiere pics

 After all the posts here for the "Mix" film it seems kind of anti-climatic that the premiere finally took place. Can't recall many films which has had so much promoting, really hope that means it'll take the top spot at the box office this weekend. Fairly positive it will end up being #1 this weekend, even if it isn't least Tamako has learned one new skill! Wow, that looks to be a dangerous activity so if you try it at home better have help handy in case something goes wrong....

 Tamako is the name of Gakky's character in the film, I really want to see it but being on the opposite side of the Pacific means it'll be an eight or so month wait until it's released on DVD. The premiere took place today at the TOHO Cinemas in Roppogni Hills, there was also one screening that took place there.
 The whole main cast was in attendance, it appears Eita missed his breakfast which meant he had to be fed by Gakky and that's really a fantasy for most males out there. Have plenty of pics here from the event but kind of shocked there isn't a video out yet for the premiere. Sure there will be one and will have it in her next post as I do have a few new mag spreads and other other happenings, will have that post once the box office numbers are released.

Nogizaka46: Miona Hori and Misa Eto at the 'Tokyo Girls Collection' October 21st show

 Kind of a smallish post, hadn't done a Nogi post since last Sunday(!) and figured they deserved one. May have two or more tomorrow for the group as another trio appeared at this show, didn't know about this event until today. Above are two pics from the the show which took place today, here's two of the pair from another 'TGC' show which took place on September 2nd in Saitama.

 Been slacking on those 'pair posts' but think this duo deserves a shot at having the next one. Don't know why but I've also thought of Miona and Misa as a team, there's a few other Nogi members who I also associate as a team. If I ever do get around to doing that top ten fave members list both will make the top five and you know one of them will make it to number one.
 This was a low key event because as I said hadn't heard any news of it and it wasn't widely covered by a lot of news sites. This 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show took place on the 21st in Kitakyushu which is part of the Fukuoka prefecture, it's not that huge of a city. Only five members took a stroll on the catwalk, couple regular ones who we're used to seeing at these shows weren't there.
 Luckily for us Misa was and she is just's more glamorous than ever. She took two strolls on the catwalk representing two mags which were Cecil McBee and Lowrys Farm. Also there for Lowrys Farm was Miona, she usually represents the ar mag at these shows. Not a huge amount of pics as it was a bit of a low key event, bet most events aren't covered as well when they don't take place in the Tokyo or Osaka areas. If more pics or a video surface will have them in a group post tomorrow and will also have pics from the other trio of members who were at the show.