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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Kazusa Okuyama: Pair of scintillating new mag spreads....

 Really just the pair of new mag spreads for today but they do total 23 pics so didn't make much sense waiting for other new activities. Kazusa has rapidly become a mega fave of so many viewers, think this is only her seventh post but there must be over 400 pics in them and she was my #1 new gal that was introduced last year.

 What I and sure many others out there would want too is a Kazusa photobook, she's never had one yet or a huge pictorial for WPB-Net and the like would also be very welcome. The 'Patranger' series just has two more episodes to go, have seen about fifteen of them and it is an enjoyable Sentai show. Kazusa has become very popular in Japan due the the series and hope she doesn't take a break when it ends as I don't want to see her momentum fade away.

 Just two recent Instagram pics that hadn't been posted yet.

 One reason that I almost held on to the pics is because Kazusa is also going to be the cover girl for the February 2nd issue of Friday which comes out in about five days. That means there could be another Kazusa post coming up very soon and hope there's other new pics besides that issue, this will be her cover pic.

 On to the two new Kazusa mag spreads though this first one is over a month old. It does contain some truly fabulous pics and is from the December 14th issue of Friday.

As I mentioned at the top Kazusa is really becoming such a poplar figure in Japan and a terrific figure is what she possesses. You tend to notice when someone is becoming very hot when they appear on the cover of many mags. She did for the above set and also this one though the pic isn't too huge which is from the January 22nd edition of Weekly Shonen, it's her first time being in the mag.

Sayaka Tomaru: 'WPB Digital' photobook scans....

 Three posts for today have all featured a gal who haven't had many posts for a while. Actually could do at least one for Sayaka and just may do that this week. Sayaka is close to being my #1 current gravure model, what a figure she has. Being a gravure model must be an okay paying gig as so many women these days do it full time and kind of wish there would be other activities.

 Sayaka does so many of these huge pictorials and have posted just about all of them, Bomb-TV she's appeared in the most. This special PB was released on February 3, 2017 and there are quite a few dazzling pics of Sayaka, just wish there was a video of the photo shoot. It was put out by WPB and she's done too many spreads for the mag to count. Can't really call this a mini PB as there's 64 pics, there's is another older PB from 2017 which may be posted tomorrow.