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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Juri Takahashi: "Aima na Jibun" photobook promo event pics, video and....

 Surprised Juri hasn't appeared in more mags recently promoting her first photobook. The above two pics are from the PB and that one at the bottom has to rank up there for one of the best of the year, have a feeling we'll be saying that abou tmost of Juri's pics from the book. Here's the cover along with a few other preview pics from the PB.

 Whew, those bottom two pics are another pair that will be ranking iup there for top pics of the year. Haven't seen any other pics from the PB and bet many others haven't either as the book isn't coming out until July 24th, but on the 20th Juri was at an event for the PB so those fans in attendance were able to view the sultry pics before others.
 The event was held at the Fukuya bookstore in Shinjuku, don't know how many were at the event but the venue can hold many fans and know she has many of them. The past few AKB photobooks have been solid sellers but none have exceeded 20,000 in sales. Really hoping Juri's will be the group's best seller of the year with sales that are far higher than 20 K, she could be my current fave AKB member and think she deserves a huge bump in popularity. The pics for the book were shot in Taiwan, if there are more mag spreads for the photobook will be back later in the week with them and after these event pics check out a short video of it.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Manami Higa: "Code Blue" movie screening pics and slightly more....

 Had forgotten until a few minutes ago that Manami is currently in the drama "Bakabon no Papa yori Papa" that started on June 30th. The show airs on Saturday nights and no excuse for not remembering as I did mention it in her last post. Have been taking a break from new dramas but will be viewing a few very soon, will check this series out if it's subbed.

 Manami will also be starring in her fourth stage play that is titled "Platonov", it's a work by Chekhov. Above is the first promo poster for the play but it won't be opening until next February, will have more info when it comes out and it does take months of rehearsal for plays.
 Next Friday the "Code Blue" film will have it's premiere, to me it doesn't seem there's been all that much promoting for the movie but seeing as how it has a huge built-in fan base perhaps it doesn't need it. The core five appeared on the 'Arashi VS' show and there have been two mag spreads but very little besides that, these two pics are from the July 11th Anan.

 Wish there were more pics from this low key event which took place on July 1st. Manami has been a spokesperson for the Panasonic 'Let's Note' laptop series, there was a CM that came out in June that was a tie-in with the CB film and you can view that in her last post.

 Will have a pair of posts next week for the "Code Blue" premiere. On July 11th there was a screening and so far it's been the only one for the movie. The event took place at the Tokyo International Forum, Manami is now 32 but she looks better than ever and glad she let her hair grow back to a long length. There was only one decent video on YT from the event which is in yesterday's post so instead have a video of a 'Let's Note' promo event from June 6th.