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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #3- Nanami Hashimoto March Can Cam

 Lot of Nogi posts recently and there may be two more later on. Main reason for that is very few of my faves have done anything yet this year. Looking at my top twenty list from last year certain ones who made it like Satomi, Gakky, Yuko and more have had zero posts so far even though this first month is almost complete. Hopefully that means soon there will be too many things to post about.
 Just have this one new Nanami spread for this post but it's a biggie as there's a total of 18 pics, hope she has a few ore spreads planned as she looks incredible in these pics. So far there's been no more info for her second photobook which is coming out on February 20th which is also her graduation date. Would have posted some blog pics too but Nanami has done zero entries since the beginning of the year but these fabulous pics from the March Can Cam make up for it.
 In other Nogi news they announced on last nights "Nogi Under Construction" show that they'll be revealing the Senbatsu lineup for the group's 17th single. That announcement will be on next week's show and so far that's the only detail for it that has been released. Also no news if there will be an eighth season of 'NOGIBINGO!', will be doing two posts soon for the last twp episodes of season 7.

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanami Hashimoto psot' #70- Girls Locks! pics from 2016

 The biggest reason Nanami is graduating from Nogi and retiring from the showbiz world is because of her health. That make perfect sense as we'd rather see her healthy and lead a long life, those concerts really do a number on her body.
 However can't understand why she's retiring from everything, seems to me she could be a host on shows like this or even be a co-host on variety shows as she certainly has the personality for it. Wouldn't think acting would be too much of a strain either as she has said a few times years ago she wanted to expand her acting career. Let's hope she's reconsidered that decision as I would think she'd be such in demand due to her popularity.
 Will probably have many Nanami tribute posts between now and her February 20th graduation. Actually will continue them after that date as none of us want to see her disappear completely. Have posted these pics already but what I did was grab five pics from each month for a total of sixty. There was over two hundred from last year and that's way too many for one post.

 January through April

 May through August

 September through December