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August 28: For all the Miori fans here and hopefully she has many, just started a new blog for her and only her, it's called 'Miori no Sekai' and the link is in the Blogs I Follow section.

September 11: Also have started another blog which has taken a bit of my time away from this one, name of the blog is "Saki no Sekai", bit like the above one but kind of has a ring to it. It's all about Saki Fukuda, keep wishing her fan base would grow as she's right near the top of my all time fave. Link to it is in the Blogs I Follow section, already have more posts there than there are here of her and if you're a fan please come and check it out.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Liar Game drama: Korean version

 Just learned two days ago about this drama, the title is the same as the Japanese show but is the drama the same? Well for the most part it is, just watched the first episode and except for a few differences they are exactly the same. Main difference is that this drama is a public game, it's a new TV show that has recruited 40 contestants and like the original show the object is to try to cheat your opponent out of their money and to move on to another round. Have just watched the first episode so have no clue whether the whole series will remain similar to the Japanese version but unlike so many other Korean dramas this one I will finish, it's only going to be 12 episodes which is bearable.
 Once I watch a few shows will be back with some recaps of this series and once it's done will compare the two, will be hard for this new drama to top the original one which is one of my all time faves. Coming into this post have had 263 Erika posts and something which just shocked me to no end is that there were zero posts here for either season of the drama! Have watched season 1 about 25 times and the second 10+ times yet for some strange reason there are no posts, that will have to be changed and will be starting on that soon, really shocked about that. Here's a few pics of Erika from the show but expect many, many hundreds more of them to be coming up, she's always looked #1 in my book but liked the way she looked back then just a tad more than these days.

 And here's a few screenshots from episode one of the drama, lead actress in the show is Kim So Eun, have heard of her before this but have never seen her in anything. Kim looks good but not as good(who does?) as the original Nao, her character in the series is named Nam and the second episode has also just been subbed so hopefully will be back in a few days with some recaps of the first two episodes.

Sayumi Michishige: H!P Digital Books #108 scans part 1

 This book came out in June 2013, not sure what the occasion was as Sayumi didn't have a photobook that came out then, her next one "Blue Rose" came out in October. No complaints though as this is a superb set of pics, 71 in total and the rest are in the following post.