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August 28: For all the Miori fans here and hopefully she has many, just started a new blog for her and only her, it's called 'Miori no Sekai' and the link is in the Blogs I Follow section.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nogizaka46: 2015 magazine scans #43- September issue of Bubka

 Just the one spread today but there are many pics from it plus it could be one of the group's best to date, especially the bottom set. First off could also be Manatsu's best to date as she really looks better than we've ever seen her.

 Mai and Nanase together along with a few group pics of some Undergirls.

 Saved the best for last as Nanami graced the cover plus she may have set a new definition for perfection as she looks more breathtaking than ever. Her first PB is coming out on August 28th and if pics like these are any indication of what will be in the book then it could be the PB of the century!!!!

Nogizaka46: "Music Fair" show from August 1st screenshots

 Don't know what the current sales are but in it's first week "Taiyou Knock" sold 609,000 copies, that number was from four days ago so would imagine they've topped the 620,000 mark which would make it their highest selling single to date. The group has been on just about every music show these last few weeks performing the song, probably no shows left for them to appear on.
 However on August 1st there was one show they hadn't been on and that was "Music Fair" where they did the new single and a few other songs. Watched the whole show and they were on in for quite a long stretch, from the four minute mark to about the 22nd minute and it was really a terrific watch. Downloaded it from somewhere but as I'm doing this post am looking on YT to see if any of the show was uploaded, will let you know in the next paragraph. First set of pics from the show are of a mini interview and then them performing "Taiyou Knock". Also with this post the group has reached #1 here as this is post 286 for them as they finally surpass Erika who has held the top spot since this blog began.

 Found a video which is below the rest of the screenshots, let's hope it stays up for a while and if you can would recommend downloading in case it does get deleted, it really was an enjoyable watch. The group performed a few songs with The Alfee, always have liked that band and they've been a part of the Music Fair show for quite a few years. The songs that Nogi sang with them were the singles "Cinderella wa Nemurenai", "Hoshizora no Distance" and "Love Never Dies", also after that they performed a short acoustic version of Nogi's "Olde Shampoo" single. Actually going to post two videos of the show in case one does get deleted.