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Friday, November 17, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #18....

 Less than three week's before Keya's first photobook will be released, as you can see that member will be Rika. She's one of my huge faves from the group though wonder why she was chosen first to have a PB? She is popular despite her introverted ways and there's no doubt she's an attractive gal, that top pic looks good but think there may be better ones in the book. Hmmmm, happen to have one of them right here and this pic gets a Nao rating of A++++++++++!!!!

 It will be a nice competition between the two on whose PB will be the better one, hope they keep it friendly but for now Neru may have a slight edge.

 Let's get straight to the mag spreads as there are quite a few pics for today. Think most fans prefer the conservative, laid back style of Rika's and count me in with that group. She's been an exclusive model for Larme since July and represents them at the big fashion shows. She'll be making an appearance at next month's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show for Larme and these pics are from volume 31 of the mag. There's a few other models with her, their names are in the eighth pic.

 There's two with the name of Yui in Keya, one of them we see much more often in mags or at events. The other though is a different story and that's the one with the last name of Kobayashi. Another birthday passed by me as she turned eighteen on October 23rd, perhaps it's time to list the member's birthdays on the side? This fine set is from volume 25 of BLT Graph.

 Smallish set from a special Winter edition of Nikkei Entertainment, least the Hiragana gals get a page and will be back with two more "Re:Mind" recaps soon.

 Final spread for today belongs to the other Yui who is Imaizumi. Since she got her haircut she looks like such a different person and I really think she looks fabulous, she has one of the most attractive faces in Keya. This superb set is from the November 16th issue of Weekly Shonen.

Miru Shiroma: Magazine scans #4

 There's been many more '48' family photobooks the last few months, ones I've seen have been fairly good. Actually Yuria's second PB was more than fairly good as it was one of the best books of the year. That brings up the question which is 'Where is Miru's photobook?'. To me can't think of a more deserving member and while this year's books have been good think Miru's would blow any of them out of the water and that includes the ones from Nogi.

 Miru is just twenty so there's plenty of time for a PB but hope the wait isn't too long. Been noticing a trend lately which is a member will finally get a PB when they graduate but don't think her departure will happen for a while. NMB's 17th single will be coming out on December 27th and Miru will be the center for it, she may be slowly becoming the face of the group.
 No covers or promo pics for the single have been released yet but when they do will have them in a future post. On to some mag spreads and Miru has been appearing in many more of them recently as her last post for them was just six weeks ago. Will start off with this set which was celebrating Miru's twentieth birthday which took place on October 14th. It's from the December edition of BLT and the set is subtitled 'Goodbye to Teens'.

 Another jaw-dropping Miru spread for December which is from Bomb.

 Miyuki, who was also in NMB, had to me the best mag spreads of any Idol. Now that she's graduated looks like her ex-teammate has taken over that position as every Miru spread is just sweltering to the Nth degree, she has the cover for the next set which is from the November 14th Young Champion.

 Final Miru spread is a way too small one from the November 24th issue of Flash. Oooops, made a mistake as is the norm for me as there is one more spread. The Flash set has four pics, after them check out an enchanting set from the October 17th edition of Manga Action.