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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #7

 Thought the members who just turned twenty or are about to would have had their 'coming of age' ceremony over the weekend but that was a no go. Figured at least five would have attended one but checking last year it seems there wasn't a ceremony then either so perhaps the group doesn't celebrate the occasion.
 Still need to watch the special zero episode of "Re:Mind", will be doing that but unsure if there will be a post for it. Plenty of pics today as the total is well over eighty so lets get right to them.

 That above pic is about a year old but the pair are incredibly super duper together, so fabulous they are as a duo that the first spread features them and is from the February 7th edition of Anan.

 Yui I. must be an exclusive model for ar as she's in every issue and hopefully that means we'll be seeing her at some upcoming fashion shows, these here are from their February edition.

 Final regular spread features Neru from the January 25th issue of Weekly Shonen. Sales figures aren't revealed until Thursday but bet her first photobook has now exceeded 125,000 copies sold since it's December 19th release, that's still just halfway to the sales of Mai's last PB.

 The Hustle Press site has too many features with the Keya members to count, it's a site definitely worth checking out. Three members have brand new sets today which actually comprise two features, first off is one member of W-Watanabe who have the first two sets. Rika's first PB which came out on December 5th has also been very impressive sales wise and should be hitting the 60,000 mark in copies sold this or next week.

 Each of these sets contain nineteen pics, nine for the first feature and ten for the second. The second set here with Risa may be the best of all of today's 80+ pics, have to figure with the massive sales of the two books more will be coming out and wouldn't mind seeing Risa have a PB.

 Last off is Kyoko will has put the term oki doki to shame with how terrific she's been looking lately and this has to be her seventh solo set since the beginning of December, this set just has 18 pics.