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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kie Kitano: A liitle of this and a little of that....

 Haven't done a Kii post for a few weeks now and my computer is getting too filled up with her pics so guess it's time to share some of them. As the title says a little bit of a few things, no theme whatsoever to this post. Will be back at a later date with more screenshots and hopefully a review of her 2013 film "Ken and Mary", watched most of it and it really seems good but sadly the movie isn't subbed but there's a chance it will be in the future. Just have a few screenshots from the film, Kii honestly looks amazing in it but of course if you've ever read any of her other posts I seem to say she looks amazing in every one of them.

 Kii on the Hey! Hey! Hey! show back in July 2010 singing her "Hanataba" single.

 These are really some stupendous pics of Kii here, these are from the premiere of her 2009 film "Halfway" which really is a must watch, one of the best movies of the last 5 years, wow does she look terrific!

 Ending off with these recent blog pics of Kii's which I hope haven't been posted yet. Back in March she was in Taiwan for some special screenings of her "Yokohama Monogatari" film, don't think the movie was a big success when it came out last November but she's attended 3-4 screenings like this for the film.

Mirei Kiritani: April 2014 news #3

 The above is a promo pic for Mirei's next movie which is called "Joshi Zu", it's coming out on June 7th, have only seen a few other stills for the film but sure there will be plenty of news coming out soon and will post whatever I learn about here. On April 16th Mirei attended a store opening event for Next Blue, she's done some catalog pics for them and hopefully she'll be doing more of them as she really looked quite fine in the pics and speaking of fine pics here are some from the store opening.

 And just this last new item, Monday her 2 new CMs for Green Shower came out, here are some screenshots along with the CMs.