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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Miru Shiroma: New breathtaking mag spread plus slightly more....

 Haven't been as many posts these last five days but that should be changing on Friday. Been working on a few projects which you'll see soon plus every now and again you just need a break from blogging but least this last week has been a bit slow for happenings. One project is to figure out which posts have received the most views in a one year stretch. Bit difficult to go back many years but for the most part can be fairly accurate with posts done in the last three years thanks to those 'Nao lists' posts, may have that within the week,

 At the top is the link to Miru's dazzling "Love Rush" photobook, the PB came out in June 2019 but didn't post the pics until March 4th. To date it's had about 4,180 views which is such as incredible number, bet that's the highest total for a six month stretch. So when the list is done Miru won't be #1 on it but bet by next March 4th that post will set the record for most views in a year. Went close to four months without a Miru post and now there's been two in sixteen days. This isn't a large post as most pics are from a new mag spread but it being 22 pics made no sense holding on to it. Do have a few other tidbits, this is her fifth post of the year so needs just one more to qualify for the fave's list. Miru just missed making it last year but think this year if she reaches six you'll see her in this year's top twenty and she actually should have been on the 2019 one.

 Whew, hard to top pics like those above and often talk about having a list of my hottest all time Idols. Would love to do one but bet it'd prove to be so difficult, Miru would be way up there if a list was ever done and could see her in about the fifth position. That would mean three NMB gals would be in the top ten as my top two are ex-members and perhaps a list of 'hottest NMB members' would be an interesting one.

 A growing tend which I've really liked is of actresses and Idols starting their own YT channel which is probably due to the health crisis. Most of them are decent and wish they had started them sooner than this, above is another link which is for Miru's new YT channel. She just began it last week and had four videos up already which are quite enjoyable. It's true she has such an amazing figure but she's also such a likable and fun woman. Couple of those videos are subbed too which is a rarity for Idol YT channels. On to some newish pics and besides such mouthwatering gravure pics she's also a model for a pair of clothing lines, one is Pivot Door and these are from their site.

 Not sure if Miru is still a model for MIIA, these pics are from March though most haven't been posted before but no new ones since then and to me these all rate an A+.

 Last post featured her spread from WPB #39, here's some pics from the photo shoot.

 Even more beyond perfect Miru photo shoot pics which are from....

 .... the October issue of EX-Taishu. Miru is their cover girl and bet she's had that honor at least five other times for the mag. Thought this was going to be such a small post yet there were fifty or so new pics for all her devotees to enjoy and what a huge fan base she has here. In that last post had some pics of Miru throwing out the first pitch at the August 26th Hanshin Tigers game. Didn't have a video then but do for today which is after the pics, good form yet was nowhere near the plate....