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Monday, June 27, 2016

Yuki Kashiwagi: Flash magazine July 12th scans

 Two AKB posts in one day(!), just looked outside and it doesn't appear as the though the world is coming to an end. Know saying 'I Do' is no problem for me, hope it isn't for her too, gulp........

 Just occurred to me but haven't done one of those AKB pairs posts for a while and as a matter of fact think there's only been two of them. Yuki certainly would be a fantastic addition to that series but in all honesty think she looks perfectly fine all by herself.

 Yuki is another old time member who has been too quiet this year and wonder if that hurt her in the last Senbatsu election which was held earlier this month. Yuki finished #5 in the voting which any other member would kill for but it's her lowest position in six years as she had had finished in the previous five elections in the 2, 3, 4, 3 and 3 spots.
 Maybe we'll be hearing a bit more from Yuki next month as she'll be starring in her first stage play which is based upon the "Majisuka Gakuen" drama. She'll be turning 25 in less than a month too, with all of the recent graduations and upcoming ones she's about to be the oldest member in AKB.
 For about the last two years Yuki has remained my fave current member, shame then to see so little of her lately and doesn't she honestly deserve at least one more photobook? Just one new mag spread today which is from the July 12th issue of Flash, noticed though the amount of spreads she appears in has really dropped they've really gotten bigger as this has 16 better than perfect pics.

Haruka Shimazaki: "Haunted Campus" film screening pics and movie trailer

 Shame this is only Haruka's second post of the year here, she is one AKB member who I still really like. Don't think it's Haruka's fault for her inactivity, she's had certain health problems over the years and know she was sick for a while at the beginning of this year. Her main problems are that that she has asthma plus some other breathing ailments, must be tough for her on stage as Idols really do quite a bit of dancing.
 Haruka did find the energy though to film her second movie and she's had the lead role in both. As a matter of fact both of them have been horror movies, don't know the exact figure but it seems as though when an Idol appears in a film 80% of the time or more it's a horror one. Last year's movie "Ghost Theater" did okay at the box office, it did finish in the top ten it's first week out which is something you don't see too often which is a film with a J-Popper as the lead doing that well.
 The official release for "Haunted Campus" will be this Saturday, on June 27th the film had it's first and probably only screening at the Shiodome in Tokyo. Surprised this screening took place so close to the release date, perhaps her health problems prevented them from screening it sooner.
 Haruka looks fine in these pics, even a bit ill she looks better than most gals but perhaps not quite as good as she did two years ago as she doesn't look as alive as she usually does. No video of today's screening but there should be for it's premiere this Saturday and expect another post for that. No video as mentioned so after these pics have the film's trailer, Haruka does have two new mag spreads out so will be posting them soon and hopefully can find some more promo things of her for this film.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2016 #19....

 Good news for Nogi fans as they'll be releasing their second group photobook on August 5th and the title of it is.... still unknown! Actually that's also the title for the group's 15th single which comes out on July 27th, thought they were going to announce it on last night's 'Construction' show but that obviously didn't happen.
 Will keep everyone up to date with the news when the titles come out, would expect the single to have one very soon so they could begin promoting it. Very little new things for today but figured Nogi fans may not her heard about the new PB yet, it's the group's second one and have a feeling it'll be much better than their previous book which came out in 2013. Just one new mag spread for today which is from the new issue of Nikkei Entertainment.

 Do have a bunch of new blog pics though and have devoted all of them to the Undergirls. Miria's looks have really gotten so more kawaii over the last few months, she's also been doing an excellent job at updating her blog so eight pics here of her.

 The Senbatsu members haven't been doing as many blog entries lately, possibly because they're working on the new single and management doesn't want any info leaked yet. Next two gals then are Maaya and Rena.

 Sadly Marika and Sayuri and now Undergirls after being Senbatsu members for so long.