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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nogizaka46: The Mai Fukagawa post #1

 Except for that press conference a few days ago it's been kind of a slow time for the group, only two new mag spreads and seeing as they both feature Mai figured it was finally time for her first solo post. Actually could have done a few posts by now for her but just hadn't thought of it as she's been appearing in many of these solo mag spreads for a while now. For those who don't know Mai is the oldest member of the group and she'll be turning 25 next March 29th. Have quite a few pics here so let's get right to them, two new spreads with the first one being from volume 4 of BLT Graph.

 Second mag spread is from the January issue of Smart.

 Mai does update her blog often but not as much as other members do, however when she does to an entry her posts seem to have more pics than the others and here are some pics from the last month.

 Just four items for this first Mai post but there still ended being a huge total of 50 pics. Final thing is an oldie from the Natalie 'Power Push' series which came out in late 2013, think it's one of her finest sets of pics.