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Hajimemashite minna san....welcome to my site on my fave Japanese Pop Culture likes such as dramas, movies, magazine scans, promo events etc. Mainly concentrate on my faves...Erika Toda!.... Miori Takimoto.... Maki Horikita!.... Tsubasa Honda.... Masami Nagasawa!.... if you're a fan at all of any of them then you've come to the right place(!) but many others are featured here besides them. Do mainly quick reviews on things I've watched, try to make the reviews brief, quick to read through with not too many spoilers, just whether they're good or bad and why I thought so plus whether you may find them enjoyable. Many, many screenshots are included from everything I've watched plus any video trailers if they're available. Hope you find something that interests you, don't hesitate to comment, arigato gozaimasu!

August 28: For all the Miori fans here and hopefully she has many, just started a new blog for her and only her, it's called 'Miori no Sekai' and the link is in the Blogs I Follow section.

September 11: Also have started another blog which has taken a bit of my time away from this one, name of the blog is "Saki no Sekai", bit like the above one but kind of has a ring to it. It's all about Saki Fukuda, keep wishing her fan base would grow as she's right near the top of my all time fave. Link to it is in the Blogs I Follow section, already have more posts there than there are here of her and if you're a fan please come and check it out.

March 10th: Have just deleted those two blogs, they were getting quite a few visits but it was just a bit difficult keeping three blogs constantly updated. Did just post all the posts done from those two blogs here today and will start doing all posts for them in the future here.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mina Oba: Two "Young Animal" 2015 magazine scans

 Kind of amazed that this is her first post here, I have no clue what's taken so long and am kind of disappointed in myself for not doing a few posts before this one. Mina is truly Jaw-dropping and really deserves that capital J, seeing how this is her first appearance here expect a few more posts for her in the next week, still am amazed that I've posted zero until now. Just have two new mag spreads but there's over 20 dazzling pics between them and dazzling is an understatement, first one is from Young Animal #7.

 Shame there's just the two mag spreads but as mentioned above will be back soon with a few more Mina posts. While the above fabulous spread rates an A+++ this one may be a tad better and get an A++++, from Young Animal #9 for May 8th.

Yuko Oshima: "Yamegoku" drama screenshots and two new mag scans

 Hopefully I'll be starting on the "Zeni no Sesno" drama that aired from  January to March, just two more episodes need to be subbed. There's actually a few older Yuko films I'd like to see but the ones from her that I haven't seen will probably never be subbed. Just two new smallish mag spreads, none rival her recent Young Jump spread but they still look terrific, from TV Station for May 5th.

 From the May issue of Cameraman, wouldn't mind being Yuko's cameraman!!!!

 Few screenshots here from the second episode of "Yamegoku", still no subs but I expect there will be soon. The first episode had a rating of 9.10% which isn't overly impressive but then again it's a TBS drama that airs on Thursday night, usually their dramas that air on that night receive much lower ratings than that so guess overall it's a solid start and hopefully it'll stay in that % range. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yui Aragaki: April 2015 happenings #2

 Didn't think there would be a new Gakky post so soon, there's only two new things but quite a few pics. Back in 2014 she made a guest appearance on the "S- Saigo no Keikan" drama, that series is now going to have a regular cinematic movie which will be coming out on August 29th, at a press conference for the film on April 24th.

 Gakky had a new CM for Nissen which came out two days ago, some screenshots from it and the video is after the pics.