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Friday, September 4, 2015

Yuko Oshima: September 2015 mag scans and new Minon CM video

 Sure a few of you are getting tired of so many Nogi posts, I'm not yet but if this pace keeps up could happen so hopefully we can do a few more posts like this one in the next days. Was going to do another Yuko post for her "Romance" film premiere but for some strange reason couldn't find a video of the event, not sure how it did it's first week out but know it's first two days it didn't make the top ten at the box office.
 Doesn't mean it wasn't successful, in Japan besides Japanese movies there's also competition from American films and other countries too so not making the top ten at the box office is easily understandable. Have four new Yuko mag spreads today with the first one being a small one from the September 2nd issue of Anan.

 Yuko from the September issue of Anaapple, another spread for the "Romance" film.

 Another September spread which is from Voce.

 Another one from the ninth month, also a small spread from Kinejun.

 Yuko just had a new CM for Minon that came out two days ago and here's the video of it, there's also a behind the scenes segment too.

Nogizaka46: 2015 magazine scans #52

 Have quite a few pics today but am also holding a few spreads back for a few solo posts, noticed viewers or fans of the the group are liking those posts where just one member is featured.
 Couple of these spreads are solo ones with Yumi appearing in two of them, she's someone we don't see all that much of in mags though she is quite popular. First one is from the August issue of UTB, one her better looking spreads.

 Second Yumi set is from the September issue of Photo Technique.

 Marika and Minami sharing a spread in the Summer issue of Poker Face, bottom few pics are bonus ones from the photo shoot.

 Another solo spread with Asuka from the October issue of Bubka.

 And to end off have two small spreads, both are October issues with two pics of Nanase from Non-no and Minami from Bubka.