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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Saki Fukuda: Some recent Instagram pics and not much else....

 There's just hardly anything to post about Saki these days, to be honest it kind of gets me down as she's remained one of my all time faves even during this under the radar career she's leading. Obviously she hasn't read my posts as I still think a few steamy parts would really jump start her career, to me she has the most underrated body around.
 Saki the last few years has done so many stage plays, still have no idea what the salary is for an actor in them but it must be high enough as she and so many others keep appearing in them. Saki's current play is "Sleeping Tiger Sosuke" which is now playing in Tokyo, it'll be ending sometime in June and after that don't know what her plans are.
 Going to be a smallish post as the only new thing are these Instagram pics which Saki's uploaded recently, she does a good job at keeping her site updated. Haven't posted too many of her videos so after these new pics is the PV for her 2009 single "Ashite e no Hikari.

Mizuki Fukumura: "Kagayaki" photobook scans #1

 Really enjoy the Hello Project groups, except for C-ute and some solo artists haven't posted too much about HP. That'll be changing with this post as there's plenty of groups and gals I like and finally some of them are getting up there. Age may be one of the big reasons I haven't posted about too many HP artists, quite a few are younger but now many are in their 20's.
 Mizuki is one of them, she hasn't hit 20 yet but will in a few months. There's quite a few mag spreads of her too from the last few years and will be getting to them soon too. Mizuki has been a member of Morning Musume since 2011, just 14 when she joined. However she's moved up in the ranks quickly as she's now their 'leader' which means there's a good chance of her being the captain of all the HP groups one of these years.
 Let's get right to the pics as there's 74 in all, split them up so there's 37 in this and the next post. There is a video for it but it's on Daily Motion, will be searching for it on YT so hopefully can find it for the next post.