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Friday, October 9, 2015

Nogizaka46: 2015 magazine scans #58

 Mentioned back in August we were going at a pace for about 75 mag spread posts for the year, seems like that pace is holding steady. Usually there's about four spreads per post so that means there's been 232 so far for the year and actually there's been more as there's been some in the member's solo posts. That's a lot of spreads but when you think about it it's also quite a few pics, bet there's been 2,500 group pics just from mag spreads so far this year.
 Though Misa did a few skimpy spreads for YS-Web before she joined the group though I'm really preferring the way she looks these days, really so much more classy and almost elegant in a way. Starting off with her in the only solo spread which is from the November issue of Entame.

 Another spread with Misa as she's joined by Asuka, Erika and Minami in the November issue of Bomb.

 Final spread, just three today but as usual there were quite a few pics. An 'Undergirls' feature as five of them appear in the November issue of UTB+.

Kim So-yeon: A little of this and that for 2015 #1

 Called this #1 for the year but have done ten posts for Kim this year though some of the posts were for prior years. Mentioned about five days was going to try to do at least one post a day for a Korean actress or drama, so far have kept that promise. What I need to do is expand who I'm posting about, there's only 6-7 that I know fairly well so need to have that list grow a bit so you and I don't get tired of the same 6-7 actresses.
 Has been four months since the last Kim post but she wasn't too, too busy over the Summer but do have enough pics for a good post, actually a post with just one pic of her would be considered a fabulous post! First off are some pics from the VIP premiere of "The Beauty Inside" film on August 12th.

 Kim at another VIP premiere, this one was for "The Chosen: Forbidden Cave 2015" movie on August 17th.

 Some new pics for the All For You Autumn/Winter collection.

 Saved the best for last as it seems to me Kim grows more dazzling with each passing year, this stupendous set of pics is from the July issue of InStyle.