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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Satomi Ishihara: Some (very few) recent tidbits....

 Satomi's next drama "Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko" aka Pretty Proofreader starts in exactly one week from tonight on NTV. Very surprised we haven't heard more from her promoting the show, perhaps there will be some sort of event this weekend. Doesn't look like an exciting show but kind of an interesting one and I'll be watching it plus doing recaps for it.
 Wanted to post a promo video for it but there is none on YT. There is one at the drama's site but if you live outside of Japan you can't view it, here's the show's address: www.ntv.co.jp/jimisugo/

 Lately Satomi has really taken a huge leap on my faves list. You have to like someone who can be so alluring without having to dress skimpy, not many women can come across like Satomi can is that way. Er, then again her dressing skimpy isn't a bad thing!

 Just two recent Satomi mag spreads but there are supposed to be a few more coming out very soon. This first set from the November issue of Biteki easily rates an A+.

 Sadly just one other new spread which is from the current issue of Tokyo Walker.

 Weren't enough Satomi pics so here's a few more for you to enjoy, it's like I said she looks so alluring without having to strip down to almost nothing. After them is a new CM for Kao.

Nogizaka46: 2016 Magazine scans #60 and more September cards

 Just when Mai started to move up on my list, sigh.... hope it bounces back and hits her in the eye! Oooops, wonder if she's upset at my remark?

 Nanase's second photobook was released yesterday, don't know if there's going to be a fan signing event for it but so far every member has had one when they've had a PB. Hope there is and if there is one would probably be taking place this weekend. Once again not as good as a few of the other member's books but much better than her first one.

 "Hadashi de Summer" is now Nogi's best selling single ever as the total copies sold is now is a bit over 836,000. That's after only nine weeks so can see it easily going over the 850 K mark soon.

 No other news for today bit the group will be making an appearance at next week's 'Girls Awards' Fall/Winter show plus the week after season seven of 'NOGIBINGO' will be starting. Very few mag spreads for today but seems like it's requirement here now to have at least one Nogi post a day, nothing wring with that as far as I'm concerned and sure a few fans will agree with me.
 There are a bunch of new mag spreads coming out starting next week, with the new single coming out soon October should be one busy month. First set is from the November issue of Samurai ELO with three pics of the Undergirl Rena, with the third generation recruited wonder how that's going to affect the long term Undergirls? After her pics are four of the now evil Mai.

 It's been hard to keep up with Mai's spreads recently, can't recall her ever appearing in so many of them is such a short period of time. Few of them, like the above one, have had some promo pics for the 'Ushijima' film. Least she's looking quite fabulous in all of them so guess I can forgive her evil comment from above, this set is from the October 14th issue of Friday.

 That's it for the spreads but should be many more coming up very soon. Have a few more September group cards featuring Mai, Nanase, Asuka and Nanami. Almost positive that there's been no video of "Hadashi de Summer" posted here so seeing how it's now the group's biggest selling single have a video of them performing the song from the AKB48/Nogi46 show.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kasumi Arimura: Few recent happenings....

 Been eons since a Kasumi post, think the last one was sometime in June. She's been busy but we're not going to see the fruits of her labor for a while. Was just checking other new things that she may be appearing in besides the ones today and found out she's already scheduled for four(!) films next year plus a drama, hope she's had plenty of rest. Kasumi's next movie will be coming out on October 15th, title of it is "Nanimono" which means Somebody. Will have a post for the film's premiere along with any other news about it between now and then, at the bottom of the post have the trailer for it and here's the poster for the film.

 Kasumi's next drama will ba an Asadora which means morning drama. It won't be starting until next April but on September 26th there was a press conference as the rest of the cast was introduced. Those shows air six days a week for 26 weeks but a show is only fifteen minutes long. That's still 156 episodes though or the equivalent of 52 regular length dramas, takes a long time to film those dramas so we may not be seeing too much of Kasumi once the new year rolls around. Pics here are from the press conference, may not seem so in these pics but she's so much shorter than everyone else.

 Two new mag spreads and this is a fabulous set of pics from the October issue of Marquee.

 Other Kasumi spread is from the November Steady, check out the "Nanimono" trailer after the pics and it looks like it may be an interesting movie.