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Also these days(mid-2017) have many posts for Korean actresses, dramas and films that are worth checking out as over the years have become a much bigger fan of Korean dramas versus the ones from Japan.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Ayako iguchi: Magazine scans #2....

 Wasn't even going to do any posts for today but just needed to make a minor announcement, nothing major. Had an injury to my eye and may need to take the next few days off from posting. But I usually take Thursdays off and probably won't this week so on that day that will have the first two gals for this year's top twenty list as I've finally figured out who number twenty should be. Hopefully will be recovered enough by then, just doing a small post like this one is absolute torture as everything is a blur but luckily Ayako's assets stand out a bit.
PS: Her last name is also referred to as Inokuchi at times.

 Won't be working the next two days so it's a shame I can't take advantage of that and do a mega amount of posts. But as mentioned above can barely see the screen, kind of odd that I can read a book or newspaper to some extent. I like Ayako quite a bit and she was introduced here back in April with a superb WPB-Net pictorial. But since then this is only her second post for mag spreads and two of them for today are from 2018. Ayako did graduate from college back in March and seems that's a common trend for gravure models, perhaps that's one reason for the lack of pics these last few months. Not sure if anyone posts as many pics as she does on her Instagram page, these are all from the past ten days and there were at least twice this amount.

 On to the mag spreads which total four and these first two are from 2018. Ayako didn't appear on the scene until 2017 when she did some modeling work for the Ray magazine but her first gravure spread wasn't until the September 17th issue of WPB and she was also their cover girl.

 Ayako's second spread was also for WPB and their October 1st edition.

 Now we're on to the pair of spreads for this year which will get us all caught up. But have been reading Ayako's Twitter page and seems like she has many activities coming up so let's hope that a few of them are mag spreads, a huge bonus would be her first photobook. This set is from the March 22nd edition of Friday Digital which is a web mag.

 Last up is this set from the November 28th issue of Young Jump, it's Ayako's first spread since April 1st and why was there such a long gap as she had already graduated from college. No video of the photo shoot yet so after the pics have a terrific video from her WPB 2018 spreads.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Nanase Nishino: Her quest for world domination continues!

 World domination!? Why not, I'd join Nanase's organization if she'd make me her first, uh, er, I guess man in her White House. Shame Nanase isn't eligible for this year's top twenty list as she was the unofficial #1 for 2018. No fave would have moved up as fast as her recently, at one time she wouldn't have made the top ten but now could see her battling for this year's top spot. What's also impressive is the amount of posts Nanase has had this year, sixteen solo ones and thirteen are since she graduated from Nogi. That puts her in third place for most posts this year and as I've mentioned 99.9% of the time when an Idol graduates they disappear but she's the number one exception to that rule.

 Not that time of year quite yet but will try to work on some special X-Mas post for the holiday. Nanase seems to be getting popular again here as her last post is currently in fifth place for being the most viewed one for the past month. Bet she'll hit #1 with her next post as she's the cover girl for the next 'BLT White Graph' mini photobook issue, looks like she'll have fifty pics in it. This is the cover and a few promo pics for it.

 Been a while since any Nanase's Nogi cards have been posted which only makes sense as she hasn't had any new ones for ten months. But do have a collection of about two hundred of them which have never been posted and will try to have a few for each of her posts.

 Nanase is now a model for the 'YOHO! Girl' clothing line, back in September had her first pics from them and a few more came out last week which are much better than the first batch.

 But of course Nanase's main modeling gig is with Non-no and no solo post is complete without new pics from their site.

 Nanase was Nogi's worst blogger when she was with them but these days so aren't most members as save for a handful hardly anyone makes new entries. After graduating she did open an Instagram account which she updates more frequently though not enough. These are brand new ones from her as on November 10th she attended a special dinner at Giambattista Valli for the 'H and M' clothing line but don't ever recall her doing modeling work for them.

 We've hit the end but there were 55+ new pics for today. Nanase is starting to appear in more mags again and quite often she's the cover girl, that's the case for this final set which is from the November 29th issue of Friday. No recent Nanase videos so will go back in time to 2015 for a CM for Pizza Hut which has a behind the scenes segment.