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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rena Nounen: Girls Locks! radio show pics from May 25th

 Bit of a smaller post but think there's only been two Rena posts for the year so thought she deserved a bump. Have no idea why she's been so quiet this year, have been checking and there are zero(!) dramas or movies for her scheduled for this year, wonder what's up with the quietness. Figured after the huge success of "Amachan" Rena would be in heavy demand, she's only done two movies since the drama ended in September 2013 and that's been it for her. Wish she was more active as I really enjoy Rena's spunkiness and anti-idol attitude.
 Rena hasn't entirely disappeared as the last week of every month she hosts the Girls Locks! radio show from Monday until Thursday, pics here are from this week. The site for the show where you can also read a untranslated script of what she said is: www.tfm.co.jp/lock/girls/

 Think Rena deserves more than those 13 pics so here's another ten more, she certainly is one of the cutest gals around.

Erika Toda: "Yokuhan- The Pain" drama press conference pics

 Erika's latest film "Kakekomi" came out on May 16th, it's first weekend out it finished #3 at the box office which seems like a solid position. It's a period era film set in the 1870's which aren't as popular as they were decades ago, don't know how it did it's second week though. Erika's next film though is expected to be a huge hit, name of that is "Yokuhan" and it's coming out on June 6th, looks to be a real intense thriller.

 The following day on June 7th there's going to be a TV drama based on the film called "Yokuhan- The Pain". From what I can translate from Natalie is that it's a spin-off from the movie as Erika is the only one who is going to be in the film and drama. Think it's set about a year after the film ends so perhaps you need to see the movie first to understand completely what's going on. If anyone else has more info feel free to add a comment, if I find more out will be sure to post about it here. The drama will be airing on WOWOW, it's rare when their shows get subbed but let's cross our fingers.

 On May 25th a dazzling Erika and some of the cast of the drama held a press conference for the show. It was held at the Ebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo where they also had a screening of the drama. Wish there were more pics and a video but sadly these were all the pics I could rustle up, hard to take too much dazzlement at once though.

Nogizaka46: Mai Shiraishi throwing out the first pitch at the Tokyo Yakult Swallows game

 Mai has probably been busier than 98% of any Idol this year but not as busy as 2014 as her group mate Nanase seems to have eclipsed her as far as mag spreads and popularity goes. However with pics like these she just may retake that #1 spot, never thought of her as cute but she certainly looks that way in these pics, really better than ever.
 After the pics is a short video of Mai throwing that first pitch, my advice would be for her to stick with her day job but at least she was able to throw it to the plate without bouncing the ball, most Idols can't seem to throw it the 60 foot distance. What really would have topped the event off would have been if Nanami was there to also throw out a first pitch as The Swallows were playing the team from Hokkaido. Nanami comes from there and don't know how many here knew that plus can't recall her ever throwing out a pitch for her home team, could have had a little pitching duel between the pair.