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Saturday, February 25, 2017

C-ute: The 'pairs post' #1- Maimi Yajima and Saki Nakajima

 Bit of a slow weekend for things, figures that happens when I say I'm going Nogi-free for few days. Least it finally gave me the chance to do one of these pairs posts for the group. Not as easy as I thought it would be, noticed as far as pics go with C-ute it's either a solo pic or one that has all five members.
 However do have enough pics together of my two fave members, only 3 1/2 months before the disbandment date and am curious what these two future plans will be. Always though Maimi and Saki were somewhat close friends, would like to see them together in some capacity after June 12th. Think for the next post(s) Airi will be featured, have noticed she seems to have more pics with one of these gals then anyone else.
 Could be because she's the most active as far as appearing in mags or at some sort of event. Back to this duo and both starred in the 2012 film "Zomvideo". Did a review of it and it was a very enjoyable movie, wish there were more H!P films in that vein. The pair though only appeared in one scene together near the end of the film.

 C-ute's last single will be released on March 29th, so far there's been no covers or promo pics for it. Once they start coming out, which should be soon, will do a post or two for it as I think all of the posts for the group have increased their fan base here to five.
 Not much more to add in about either one of them as they've both have had many solo posts. Maimi has had many more which is due to the fact she's had so many more photobooks, she finished 6th on last year's top twenty faves list. The top spot on the list was none other than Saki who I adore to no end, such an attractive female but not in the way other Idols are, also such an interesting and smart gal. Either one would be welcome at my residence and I'm sure the five fans out there are saying the same thing, enjoy these pics of this unbeatable pair. Not the greatest of quality videos but after the pics check out one as the pair are interviewed by two members of....

Marie Iitoyo: "Kyo no Kira-kun" movie premiere pics and video

 Continuing on with the our Nogi-free weekend doesn't make everyone happy....

.... they have so many posts they'll get over it!!!!!

 Those top two pics are from a press conference that was held a few days ago for the "Girls in the Dark" film which comes out in April. Been debating whether or not to do a post about it, if it's slow again tomorrow will do it as there's also some recent interviews pics for this new movie.
 You look at Marie in these pics and don't you think 'wow, what an incredible cutie!'. Don't know if you do but that's how I think as she truly is such an attractive young woman, she's one who is getting better looking with age as her looks have improved so much since she was in the 16-18 age range.
 The "Kyo no Kira-kun" film had it's premiere today at the TOHO Cinemas in Shinjuku, Kyo means today. Marie has the lead role in the film and looked so splendid at today's event, so good will be doing that post I talked about above. Plenty of superb pics from the event here and after them is a video from it. Marie hasn't been in too many big dramas the last year or so but did star in a 'Kamen Rider' drama and films a few years back, may check those out as I really need to see more or Marie.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sakura MIyawaki and Haruka Kodama: Two new mag spreads

 Did a post like this last month and may keep it up for this pair. Both look terrific in their mag spreads but the last few months neither has been in that many of them so think I'll continue to pair them up like this for a while. That last post the dynamic duo shared a mag spread but that's not the case this time around but both have a superb new set of pics.
 Haruka and Sakura are both members of HKT, their 9th single "Bugtte Iijan" was released on February 15th. Title translates to It's fine if it's Buggy, not the catchiest of titles. Like all of the group's singles it was #1 on the charts in it's first week out, all of their singles have hit the top spot.  First week sales were 210,000 copies which are the lowest total an HKT single has sold in it's first week, sales from '48' groups keep dwindling. Personally I've always enjoyed their songs, there's not one standout tune but all are worth a listen but the one complaint is that most sound alike.

 There's an AKB drama currently airing titled "Tofu Pro Wrestling", show started on January 21st. Don't know much about it but am thinking of watching it as the show is being subbed, been kind of down on the '48' family singles as of late though their dramas have all been enjoyable. Actually now that I'm writing this will be watching it, just unsure whether to start now or wait until it finishes. Here's two promo pics from WPB as our duo starts in the show, hard to think of them as wrestlers.

 On to the mag spreads and it's a shame both only have had one each from the last month. Haruka is rapidly becoming my #1 guilty pleasure, she looks fantastic and I thought her PB that came out last July was the best photobook of the year. These fine pics are from the February 6th Young Magazine.

 Sakura is turning 19 in three weeks but to me she'll always look fourteen. This set of pics are from the March issue of UTB and may be her best spread to date.