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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Rika Izumi: More recent happenings for 2019 #2....

  Rika's acting career is doing much better, no leading roles but her parts are becoming bigger and she's getting much more work. It's not a massive disappointment as she always looks perfect but these days Rika doesn't do any gravure spreads or hardly any pics in that vein. It's such a shame because to me she's the hottest current woman in the world and have been saying that for well over a year. It's okay as she does look so fabulous in her recent pics and in a way she looks almost as good but just in a different way.

 But my biggest Rika disappointment is the lack of events she's attended in the past year. In 2017 she was at about fourteen of them, last year just four and so far for 2019 she's just been at one film premiere. She just looks so classy, elegant and stunning at them, can't understand why she doesn't attend more events. However on April 14th she was at the Tokyo Dome to throw out the first pitch at the Giants game, unlike most who throw a pitch hers made it over the plate!

 Have quite a few new pics for today but there probably could be more, trying to make posts a tad smaller so there's not a huge gap between them. Lack of mag spreads for Rika lately but think there may be more than one in her next post, this set is from  the June issue of Maquia.

 What Rika has done more than ever the past five or so months is modeling, she's always been busy as one but more so these days and could it be because she's getting older? Perhaps as most models don't stay in that field of work until their forties and she'll be turning 31 in October. Have so many fabulous new pics today and while none are gravure ones I kind of prefer the 'classier' Rika. Not sure where to start so why not go in alpha order which means up first are these pics from the Honeys site and are for their Summer collection.

 Rika has been an exclusive model for Oggi since 2016 and these days has more pics at their site then ever as these are all brand new since March.

 Looks as though another company has signed her up who is 'Onward Kashiyama' as I can't recall ever posting any pics from them and these are for their Spring collection.

 Last batch of new Rika modeling pics are from the Roomy's site and really thought there were more than these.

 Rika has a few new CM's for Real Gold that have come out in the past month and will end off with one of them.