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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Nogizaka46: Mai Shinuchi current happenings #2- "Doko ni Iruno" event pics

 Sales figures for last week's book sales don't come out until tomorrow, sure Mai topped the charts and let's hope it was a really impressive figure.... er, um, sort of like hers!!!! Mai is a good example of the word perseverance as despite being Nogi's oldest member had been an Undergirl for so long. But she never gave up and now it looks like she'll always have a place as a Senbatsu member as the last four singles she's been one. But also it's not just that as she now has the group's most popular radio show which airs tonight, she's also the first second generation member with a photobook.

 Two jaw-dropping pics above are from the photo shoot, the pics were shot in Thailand back in July and August when six members were there for the group's 'Thailand Travel' campaign. Hard to take your eyes off those stunning pics, Mai has been Nogi's most underrated beauty for years now but not to me as she's made my top ten fave members list two years in a row.
 The title 'Doko ni Iruno" means where are you, words she would never speak to me as there's zero chance I would ever be hiding from her. The PB was released on November 14th, on the 21st this event was held and it took place at the Fukuya bookstore on Shinjuku. Mai dressed in a style we're accustomed to seeing her wearing, no doubt she has many outfits like that for her OL job. Probably won't stay on YT for long but there's a short video after these superb pics of the event.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Nogizaka46: Misa Eto "Hanashi wo Kikouka" photobook scans

 Not much more to tell you about this book as there's been many posts for it up until now but had never had all of the pics in one post. Many of them you've seen before but the ones from the photo shoot are my faves but none are here today. This was Misa's second photobook and first as a Nogi member, her other one from over five years ago was also a superb set. But to me Misa has just has gotten better looking with every passing second since that first book, seriously hope next year when she turns 25 the word graduation doesn't creep into her mind.

 Above pics are from an event held on April 25th for the PB, that was also the date of it's release. Misa is becoming so popular these days as in it's first week the book sold 59,000 copies, that's the second highest weekly total for any Nogi member. Pics for the PB were shot is Australia, most of the natives were probably guzzling too many Tooheys to even notice her. Let's get right to the pics as there's so many of them, 110 in total and Misa has set too high of a standard for any member to attain.... then again it's almost November 24th....