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Monday, February 28, 2011

Yui Ichikawa Ju On screenshots

No recap here, to be honest there must be a thousand out there and most are right, the Ju-On movies are a really good watch, to me the second one was the better of the two but the first is also a must watch, Noriko Sakai stars in the second film. Reason for this post and the next one is because of.... Yui! Hard to find shots of her from the 2 films but here are some from both movies, her role in the second one was a bit bigger, enjoy.

Interview and behind the scenes


Yui Ichikawa Ju On 2 screenshots and behind the scenes

Behind the scenes screenshots

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magare Spoon synopsis

Once a year, on Christmas Eve, Cafe Telekinesis holds a real psychic party. At the party, psychics gather together to show off their abilities while for the rest of the year they hide their abilitties.

Yone Sakurai (Masami Nagasawa) is a program director for a psychic variety TV show called "Are You A Psychic?". She is stressed out and tired from her work, but proud of what she is doing. Yone actually believes in psychic abilities. By an audience request a new plan is set out for the program, a plan which requires the show to uncover real psychics or psychic events. Yone is selected to find these people.
Yone then goes on a nationwide search, but uncovers only fakes. As Christmas draws closer, Yone, a normally cheerful girl, becomes depressed. Her boss at the Tokyo station orders Yone back if she can't find a psychic. Before Yone ends her search she makes one last stop at Cafe Psychic on Christmas Eve! However the psychics there continue to hide off their abilities from her except for the one person who had no special abilities, "The Thin Man" who was just that, thin and could squeeze through small openings, not what she was looking for and depressing Yone even more. Through out her short stay at the cafe, the psychics use their special abilities, mostly hiding it from her successfully though towards the end she did become a bit aware of their talents. The movie ends with Yone waiting at a train station on her way back to Tokyo where waiting she herself trys to become a psychic by willing a spoon to bend, something she had been trying to do her whole life. She did succeed in bending the spoon but was unaware of it due to being distracted and dropping it on the ground.

 This had the potential to be a really enjoyable movie, as much as I enjoy everything Masami has done up until now really have to say the movie flopped, though certainly not her fault. While the Cafe scenes were good to start off, too much time was spent there, close to 2/3's of the film and ended up severly dragging because of it. Also it may have been more interesting had Yone discovered the psychic's abilities and was able to persuade them to come on her show, also what may have worked is her discovering her own ability and gone from there, sadly we were left with a lot of 'what would have happened?' possibilities. Can't recommend it except if you're a Masami fan, she was solid but so much more could have been done with her role, I'd rate it a generous 6/10.

Year: 2009     Running Time: 105 minutes

Cast: Nagasawa Masami, Miyake Hiroki, Masashi Suwa, Tsuji Osamu, Shiga Kotaro, Nakagawa Haruki, Kawashima Junya, Iwai Hideto

Magare! Spoon trailer


Masami Nagasawa Magare! Spoon images