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Friday, May 8, 2020

Nogizaka46: "Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!" drama- Episode two recap

 Air Dates: April 5th to May 10, 2020 on MBS Sundays at 12:50 am
Eizouken means Film Research Club so presume the full title means Keep your hands off our film club!.... subs were done by Yodasukas

Main Cast: 

Asuka Saito as Midori Asakusa.... a very timid young girl who loves anime and drawing, somehow her best friend over the years has been Sayaka

Minami Umezawa as Sayaka Kanamori.... best friends with Modori even though she dislikes anime, she formed Eizouken and seems to be the smartest of the trio plus she absolutely loves money which was the main reason for her forming the unit

Mizuki Yamashita as Tsubame Mizusaki.... comes from a very wealthy family plus is a popular model, she loves anime as much as Midori does though has to keep it a secret from her family

The others who we see now and again but to date none of the characters are overly important.

Sakurako Konishi as Toru Dotonburi.... president of the student council
Rio Fukumoto as Hisashi Ashima.... on the student council
Hiyori Sakurada as Domeki.... also on the student council\
Yuuki Kameda as Azuhata.... on the baseball club
Ken Sugawara as Yamada.... on the baseball club
Yura Someno as Takanashi.... on the punk music club
Masahiro Takashima as Fujimoto.... teacher and adviser to the Eizouken group

 The setting is the Shibahama high school, all three Nogi heroines play sixteen year old freshman though all are in their twenties. There's a total of six episodes, the last one will air in two days. The series was supposed to be a lead in to the film with the same cast scheduled to come out on May 15th but the release of it has been postponed. At the top will have a different video for each post, today's is a behind the scenes one showing how they did certain special effects. Once you take out the credits an episode is about 22 1/2 minutes in length so these recaps shouldn't be too long, have a pair of them for today. The series starts off on day one of high school and it's a place that's really into school clubs.

 Though Sayaka isn't a fan of anime or drawing it was her who came up with the idea of forming Eizouken and she did all of the work towards it's formation. Of course Sayaka's main motive is that at the end of the road there may be a huge profit to be made but unsure how as it's only going to be a high school club. What needs to be done is to get approval from the student council to form a club, lately they've been refusing all new clubs and above is the council's president Toru. Before our heroines gave their presentation two other clubs had been denied.
 Toru said to Sayaka at the meeting 'what will make their club different as there's already a film and anime club?'. That's when Sayaka came up with the idea of Eizouken which means film and research, with her at the presentation was Midori and Tsubame who had no idea what their friend was talking about. Sayaka told the council that their club would be creating very unique and original films and animes, both of her mates looked at Sayaka in disbelief. But her spiel worked as the council gave the approval for a club but under two conditions. One was that they get a teacher to advise them, the second is that within a week they must show their first film or anime.
 Midori and Tsubame were overjoyed at having a club where they could draw together and possibly create some 'dream machines' as we saw in the previous episode. But what of the conditions, neither had ever created an anime and were a bit clueless on how to do it. Luckily the trio got a teacher adviser who was Fujimoto who also set them up with a clubhouse which was a requirement for all clubs. However this place was a location far out of the city(Tokyo?) which ended up being a rundown warehouse but it's privacy could be such an asset.

 The imaginations of Midori and Tsubame went into overdrive the more they checked out the rundown warehouse. It was actually a perfect location if you want privacy and that's what the trio will need if they're going to be creating mangas and hopefully an anime film. Special effects are a very important element to this drama, did have a video at the top which was an interesting view and there's many more of them. Those special effects play a key part in the next scene and the girls hadn't even been at their new clubhouse for five minutes when Midori 'created' a new invention.
 She found an old rotor on a high platform, to Midori it appeared as though it was a gadget that a person would use to fly! And flying is what Midori did as somehow the contraption worked and to the amazement of her two friends Midori ended up flying all over the warehouse. Not just inside as soon the roof opened which allowed Midori to briefly fly the gadget outdoors. Outside the club were Tsubame's 'bodyguards who had been glued to their phones and didn't even notice Midori in the air. They're following Tsubame around to make sure she doesn't join any kind of anime or manga club as those are activities forbidden by her wealthy and popular parents.

 At first Midori flying around seemed like another dream sequence though it wasn't as the gadget really worked, eventually her friends talked Midori into ending her mini adventure. Midori landed safely and had no injuries from her escapade but when she tried walking that's when trouble happened for her. Midori leaned against a railing which was rusted away, she soon fell face first into a huge pile of debris a level down but emerged unscathed. Unknown to her Sayaka had filmed her accident and used it for the club's advantage.
 The week was up and the trio had to report their progress to the student council. No film had been made so Midori and Tsubame felt sure their club would be denied. But at the meeting Sayaka whipped out a TV set, she had sent her short clip of Midori falling into a station which aired it and before you knew it Midori was the most popular girl at school. But more importantly Sayaka's short clip impressed the council enough where Eizouken was approved but this time on a two month trial basis. That ended this episode and it's a shame there wasn't a third subbed one to watch because I think the adventures the girls get into become much wackier.

 Really had to stretch things out to make this recap the length it turned out to be, it's been an enjoyable show though not much happens but then again an episode only lasts for 22+ minutes. Don't know when I'll be back with the rest of the recaps, hope it's not too long until the final four shows are subbed. This is the fifth Nogi drama I've viewed, none are must watches except if you're a fan but have liked all of them with their first one 'Bemars' still being the group's best. Don't know what happened to the 'Nogi Cinema' series as the subbing stopped after five episodes and no word was given why it stopped or if the final five shows will be done.