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Friday, February 15, 2013

Tsubasa Honda: Piece drama episode 8 screenshots

 No new characters again introduced this episode but it's set itself up nicely for the next few shows, unknown until now was that Haruka has a brother who is one year older but who lives apart from him, they haven't seen each other in many years due to the fact that their mother has been using them for some psychological experiments, also want to add we still haven't met the mother yet. Thanks to Haruka's former house cleaner Mizuho has found out where the brother lives and as the episode ends she's arrived at his house, identical to the one where Haruka is still living. Also need to add first Haruka and now his brother are suspects due to a painting Origuchi had, someone had painted it for her and the initials on it were HN, same initials as both brothers but why would Haruka's brother have anything to do with what happened to Origuchi as the mystery continues.... actually it's getting a bit deeper.

 The series runs for 13 episodes so I have 5 more to view, will be doing that within the week so you can check back soon to see how this series ends up, as of now this is a highly recommended drama.

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