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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Masami Nagasawa: A little of this and that....

 Actually it's very little but try not to go too, too long between Masami posts, we need her to start giving us new things to post about. Though there haven't been many new pics so far this year the new ones Masami are in are beyond perfect like these posters for the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills. They're having a reopening this Friday and couldn't have picked any one better to be on their posters, have no clue whether she'll be at the reopening of the cinemas but kind of doubt it.

 These promo pics for Alfa Romeo came out a week or so ago, Masami did a fantastic CM for them last year and with the way she looks in these pics let's hope she has a few more coming out.

 Did a post a few weeks ago of Masami at the "Alfa Romeo Film Awards" show, had some stupendous pics from the ceremony but sadly there wasn't a video to go with it. However did just find one and as stunning as her pics were the video is just so much better, too many graphics but wow, wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!!

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