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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saki Fukuda: "Owakon" drama episode 6 recap and screenshots

 This drama ran on the NHK BS Premium channel for a total of eight episodes with it's start date July 1, 2014 and it's air time was Tuesdays at 11:15 pm.

Main Cast:

Sonny Chiba as Genjiro Aramaki... President of Chocolate TV
Kotaro Koizumi as Keisuke Mihashi.... Producer
Nana Katase as Kanako Minamoto.... Producer
Saki Fukuda as Misaki Shinoda.... Assistant Director
Shigeyuki Totsugi as Hayabusa Takahashi.... Producer
Satoshi Tomiura as Masaharu Kinoshita.... Misaki's assistsnt
Yuya Endo as Jun Tsukamoto..... Assistant Director
Yui Ichikawa as Tadashi Komata.... Temporary clerical worker

 Another short review here but do have plenty of Saki screenshots, hope I'm not the only person who thinks this way but every time I see her I just think 'wow', she does something to me which is kind of unexplainable. The blog I had going for Saki was starting to get popular, the viewership had increased quite a bit over the months but it was just too much for me keeping three blogs going at once but if you hadn't noticed most of the posts I did at her blog are now posted here.

 Saki as Misaki didn't appear until about the ten minute mark in this episode but was on screen for the rest of the show. Strange episode as starting around the five minute mark all of the events happened in a small corner of the Chocolate TV's main office. This episode focused on the assistant director Tsukamoto who was given a chance at producing a short five minute documentary. Usually it would only take a day or so to make a short segment like that but it's taken him over a week and he still hasn't finished it and one of the main honchos at Chuo TV is worried it won't be ready in time.
 We don't know if it was finished in time but most of the last third of the episode the Chocolate TV employees had a long, long discussion on the merits of what TV means these days and do ratings really matter that much? They all had mixed views on those subjects but the bottom line is what they're concerned about more than anything is the continued existence of Chocolate TV, you wonder why these talented employees couldn't have found a more stable station to work for.
 Two more episodes to go, sorry for these shortish reviews but trying to get five of them written up in an hour which is tough for me with my lack of brain cells and typing skills. Then again don't like revealing everything that happened in each episode, better for you to find out all that happened as I do recommend this drama quite a bit. I also recommend viewing these Saki screenshots from this episode, once again even though she's dressed way down my heart is beating out of control.

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