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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

'Top Twenty Faves' countdown for 2019.... #1, the incomparable Minami Tanaka

 Sure there won't be nearly as many viewers as usual Tuesday night and Wednesday so will be taking those times off too. If you do visit would recommend checking out some of the older posts which you may have missed. Many of them have been popular for years and as you can see there's usually one or two that are among the most viewed posts of a month. This won't be the final post for the series, will have a wrap up post that will list all twenty, how many views their posts got, the oldest, tallest, blah blah and most readers enjoy those posts, that may be my next one on Thursday night.
 Wonder if this post is a bit anti-climatic as most of you faithful viewers knew who #1 would be but it truly was a close battle, it's not that second place lost but that number one was just a tad better. Though I had known of Minami for about two years never did a post for her until January, now after eleven months she's already up to fifteen and bet there's over 800 pics of her. This may be one of the smaller posts as she did have seven posts from the beginning of September until the end of November so there's no older pics to get to.
 But that's okay as the new pics for today are out of this world and know every Minami fan will savor these new pics, most are promoting her first photobook. A pair of records was set with her winning as at 152 cm Minami is the shortest person ever to be #1 and was the shortest of all of this year's faves. Plus at 33 she's the oldest ever to top a list, previous record was for my first list that was done in 2015 and that year's number one was 28.

 Realize most viewers prefer her gravure type pics but to me she looks close to perfect in any pic! As most may know by now Minami was a long time announcer for TBS but it's been a few years since she left that gig and is now known as a 'free announcer' which means she's not tied down to one station or show. She was a co-host for 2 1/2 years on the Tokyo MX show and the pics from that were always superb, that show ended in March though. For the most part the only announcing work she's done this year is being the co-host of a women's talk show and wish she would be an announcer for more events, actually wish she would just appear at more events regardless if she's the main emcee.
 But what Minami has really done in 2019 is expand her acting career, she was in her first two regular dramas plus did a few guest appearances too. Saw her in a few of them and she did a solid job with her roles and sure being an announcer must have helped her out. Let's get on to the pics and as mentioned there aren't that many new ones from the past month. One reason is that it's a bad time of year for new modeling pics and that's another activity Minami is so busy at, she must model for ten or more sites and her pics are always tremendous. These are the only new pics from a site which are from Bijin Hyakka.

 This next batch of fine pics are from the Oricon site that were from an interview she did for her first photobook and other career tidbits. Will talk about the PB for a moment as the sales are so sky high you'd think she was a member of Nogi!!!! "Sincerely Yours" was released on December 13th so had only three selling days in it's first week. But it sold a whopping total of close to 104,000 copies in those three days which blow my mind!
 Have read a few articles about the PB at some Japanese sites and found out some other info. It had a first run printing of 220,000 copies which is a record, after that first week there was a reprint of 80,000 to bring the total to 300,000 as it's expected to be a huge seller for a while. Two Nogi members and one from Keya have had sales over 200,000 the past few years and they're the only ones to hit that milestone. The record for a photobook is about 350,000 copies sold so wonder if this book has a chance to top that figure?

 These upcoming pics are definitely beyond perfect but those above ones of Mianmi are also pretty darn good. The book "Sincerely Yours" was shot in Barcelona this Summer and also read in an article that close to 80% of the buyers have been female, you would think it'd be the other way around but wonder if it's because she's a bit older? Have some pics here from the PB, some have been posted before while a few are brand new and you'll also be seeing a few in some spreads but these are all clean versions. Whew, some of these pics truly leave me speechless, whew again.... gulp....

 There were a pair of events for the book but they weren't covered by any news site and wonder why her management did that as wouldn't more publicity help sales?

 I can't wait to view the entire book, have seen a few other pics from it and they left me running for another cold shower! On to some new spreads to promote Minami's first PB, wonder if the sales are sky high there will be another one in the future? Really hope there is and this first set is from the December 7th edition of Shukan Gendai.

 Did have a spread or two in Mianmi's last post for the PB which is why there aren't many for today. This fabulous set is from the December 24th issue of Flash.

 Not every spread is for Minami's photobook which is okay as she looks superb in this next set in which she's also the cover girl and it's from the January issue of Biteki.

 There were close to fifty new pics so really can't call this a small post. Will end off with this older set which to me is the #1 spread of all time and really made me go ga-ga over Minami, after two years I'm still in total awe on how perfect she looked and this incredible spread is from the September 20, 2017 issue of Anan.... new adjectives need to be created to describe it, WOW!!!! There's a ton of videos on YT but while all are fairly good the vast majority are from newscasts or variety shows. So the video after the impeccable pics are from October 8th and the 32nd 'Japanese glass wearers' ceremony as she was chosen the best celeb wearer of glasses for this year. Did a post right around that time with many pics from the ceremony and good to see a different side of her.

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