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Monday, October 27, 2014

Shinya Shokudo drama: season 3 episode 1 recap and screenshots

 Start Date: October 21, 2014 on TBS/MBS, Tuesdays at 1:11 am

Main Cast:

Karou Kobayashi as Master

Karou is the really only main character in the series but there are many guest stars who pop have popped in and out for the first two seasons, this time around some of the guest stars will include Jo Odagiri, Jun Miho, Yutaka Matsushige, Ken Mitsuishi and many, many more.

 I do mainly post about my fave actresses's dramas but there are others that I do watch but never post about, watched the first two seasons of this but never made any kind of mention about it here. The second season was solid but it faded a bit at the end but season one is truly a must watch, I highly recommend watching it if you haven't, the episodes are only 23 minutes each so you're not giving up a lot of time to check a few episodes out.
 Not going to go too much into detail about this first episode for the new season, mainly wanted to post about a show which I very rarely post about plus also to pump up some interest in it. The drama is a late night one as you may have seen above, really think for the last few years the late night dramas have been the best, those shows aren't going for high ratings so they can put out a solid and interesting show and sometimes the shows get lucky and attract a following like this one has or else it wouldn't be in it's third season.

 Will just give a brief explanation of the series with a bit about the third season's first episode. Kobayashi plays the 'Master', if he has another name I forget what it was but that's what all his customers call him. The Master owns a very small restaurant set in a small nook in Tokyo, he's only open from midnight until 7:00 am. Even though the restaurant is open so late it doesn't draw a lot of people coming from the bars at the time but instead a small core of regular people who just come for his food and conversation. the Master, though an excellent cook, only serves pork, soup, beer and sake but if someone makes a special request and he has the ingredients then he'll make it for them, always seems that he does have what it takes to male a special order.
 Every episode or every two as sometimes they're two-parters focus on one of the Master's customers and some problems they're having with their life. Through his food and wisdom he can almost help the customer with their problems or sometimes it's another customer who helps out. The Master is a man of few words, he almost always lets his food do the talking for him but when he does give advice it's usually correct.
 The first episode dealt with one of his customers who was a food critic, one night he confided in the Master that his wife was ill with cancer and was in the hospital, he didn't expect her to survive. The customer's wife had one request and that was for him to get a CD of an old song she loved from a singer who had quit the business many years before, The CD was out of print but it just so happens that the woman who had sang it was someone who also was a semi regular at the Master's restaurant. The singer had quit singing after her husband had died, he had written the songs for her and once he died she could no longer bear to sing them. Though there was no CD to be found the singer instead sang the song live for the ailing wife at the restaurant, by the end of the episode though the wife was no longer ailing as the cancer for now was in submission.
 That's a brief look at what the drama is about and what happened in the first episode, the shows only being 23 minutes doesn't leave much time for all that much to happen. There's usually also another minor storyline through all the episodes but haven't figured out yet what it will be for this season. Episode one was solid but I do prefer the shows that take place more in the restaurant with the Master helping out his customers with their problems, that didn't happen in the first show, quite a bit of it was set outside the restaurant and the Master's role wasn't as big as it normally is.
 All in all I'm looking forward to the rest of the season even though it's started out a bit slow, really recommend watching the first season if you haven't. The drama actually is quite slow and there's zero action but it has that special something which keeps you drawn in. Not sure if I'll be posting about every episode for this season but will be back with some more recaps at least for the next few shows, here's a few screenshots from episode one.

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