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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yuika Motokariya: Soko wo Nantoka drama episode 4 recap and screenshots

Air Dates: October 21 to December 16, 2012 on NHK, Sundays at 10:00 pm

Main Cast:

Yuikia Motokariya as Rakuko Kaise
Kamejiro Ichikawa as Hiroaki Shoji
Kohei Otomo as Kotaro Sugawara
Megumi as Aki Kubota
Shunji Igarashi as Kouki Akaboshi
Waka Inoue as Shiori Nkado
Yukijiro Hotaru as The Judge 

  Will make this a quickie and even more shorter than normal, watched this episode a few weeks ago and was hoping the remaining shows would be subbed so I could do a whole batch of recaps but sadly no more subs have been done. Also have noticed other blogs and their reviews on dramas, almost all are so much shorter than the ones here and hardly any break the reviews down by episodes like I do, does take quite a bit of time so perhaps I should make these shorter too but keep saying that and never ends up happening.

 After a so-so third episode there was a bit of a rebound with this show as our poverty stricken rookie lawyer Rakuko has been assigned another case but this one is a much more important one as there was a potential big payday for the firm which could keep them solvent for many more months.
 Didn't start out as a potential big case as Rukuko was assigned to defend an ex-employee of a toy company who had returned to his former work site and had caused some trouble and the company wanted to press charges against him. The employee's name was Tsuchiya and the reason he had caused a ruckus was that he was accusing his old company of stealing a toy design of his which had become extremely popular and had made them millions while he was left out in the cold with nothing. Tsuchiya was a person who is referred to as a NEET one and had rarely left his room after he got fired from his job, He was a rather difficult person to be with and he didn't want Rakuko defending him at all but through her hard work and willingness to adapt to his life style a bit he finally relented and had Rakuko defend him in a case against the toy company to get them to pay him a huge settlement amount for stealing his toy design.

 To make a long story short it wasn't an easy case for Rakuko as Tsuchiya had designed the toy almost 6 years ago and there was no way they could prove that the design was his. Rakuko never gives up though, every attempt she tried failed in finding some old proof that he was the designer of the popular toy until one day she sort of lucked out. She found an old photo from a young relative of Tsuchiya's which was dated and in the pic was a design of the toy but in the settlement hearing the company still flatly refused to pay a settlement and said the evidence was doctored.
 The real luck out part for Rakuko came in the hearing when an employee of the company finally fessed up and said he had stolen the design from Tsuchiya's computer after he was fired. And that kind of ended the show but unfortunately for the law firm there was no big payday however there was enough to sustain them for another month or so. Still have no clue what's going to happen with Rakuko, she's still living in a boarding house and is still quite poor yet always has a very nice suit to wear and never goes hungry or without any needs, think the story would be better if they showed her struggling a bit more as she's supposed to be so poor.

 Still unsure whether to wait for the last few episodes to be subbed before I continue on with this series or to just watch what's available, sometimes waiting too long means I put a show on the back burner and it never gets finished. Oh well, if you see another recap in the next week or so you'll know what the decision was, I really would like to watch the whole series subbed, hasn't been a terrific watch up until now but there's something about the drama which makes you want to keep watching it, perhaps Yuika is the main reason and speaking of her check out the next post for a huge amount of screenshots from this episode.

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