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Friday, April 26, 2019

Keyakizaka46: The semi-majestic 'Risa Watanabe post' #18....

 The word majestic often describes a Risa post though don't like using the word semi. Will admit this may not be as perfect as her previous four posts but today's will beat 99% of the ones I do, it's just that the standards for Risa's posts have risen to such such a high level. Now that the photobook has been released it'll mean a bit of a slowdown for posts but still think there may be at least two more of them next month.
 "Mukuchi" is the title of her first PB which came out on April 10th, bet many are wondering what kind of sales did it have? Glad you asked as it sold a very high amount so far and has been #1 on the Oricon charts both weeks it's been out. First week sales were 73,388 copies sold which is the seventh highest total ever for first week sales! Big drop for week two as it just sold over 11,000 but it's approaching 85,000 copies sold and actually has beaten that as the figures were just up until Sunday and sure it's sold a few thousand this week.

 Those above are new more promo pics from the PB and had never posted them before, whewwww! There's been about eight Risa posts in the past three months and all have had at least fifty new pics so obviously my supply of them is starting to dwindle down rapidly. But still have enough to satisfy her huge fan base which has grown so quickly around here, at one time she wasn't all that popular or at least to the extent she is now. That last post had this unbelievable pic....

.... and have a new one similar to it that's slightly different, whew once again!!!!

 Actually that new one may be a tad better than the first one. Did hold a few Risa pics back in her last post which was quite immense and these were some that were from a Modelpress interview that took place on April 9th.

 This pic is a somewhat new one from the Non-no site but it was posted on the Keya blog with the words added in, it was right after the first week sales were released.

 Been throwing in a few oldie pics in each of these posts, figure most have missed them as they were from a year or two ago. Risa became an exclusive model for Non-no back in March 2017, these are her first pics from them which came out two months later.

 May as well stick with Non-no though not too many new pics but then again had a slew of them in her last post. First four are from their June issue while the others are from their site.

 There's at last one 'Girls Awards' show coming up next month and know Risa will be there. Plus there will be another 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show too but can't recall the exact date, second Saturday in May? She was at their Match 30th show and while I've posted so many pics from it have even more which were from a Hominis interview which took place after the event.

 Risa isn't a great blogger nor does she upload enough Instagram pics. Do have a few new ones for today, first ones are from her April 8th photobook event and the rest are of her celebrating the massive first week sales of the book.

 Those bottom four are from last weekend's TGC show, more about that coming up. Pics are superb but why did they only have a two page spread for her in WPB #18?!

 Before we get to the final items there weren't too many pics from the PB though the new ones were all ultra perfect. Have posted these before but know all Risa fans can never get tired of viewing them....

 Need to do a few Keya group or solo posts, it's been a while since a group post but hope to have one in the next few days for the other fabulous half of 'W-Watanabe'. Four members were at last Saturday's 'Tokyo Girls Collection show, for the first time it was held in Kumamoto. Keya has been doing a lot of promoting for AEON lately and they have a few new CM's for the company. At the show they were promoting the new card they have for them.

 Risa also took a solo stroll on the catwalk, these are truly some of her best pics ever and she really shines at these huge fashion shows. She appeared on the GYDA stage as Non-no didn't send their usual army of models down to the show. No solo video from the show but have one after the pics from the GYDA stage, Risa comes on at the 3:35 mark and it's definitely worth checking out.

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