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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Nogizaka46: The 'Mai Shiraishi post' #41....

 Thought this was Mai's first solo post since February but did sneak one in for March though it wasn't a huge one. Don't think this post will be a massive one either but bet there's over fifty new pics for today but there's never enough to satisfy her army of fans. Mai is just as busy as ever but doesn't seem to appear as often in public such as at events, still many mag spreads but not nearly as many as there were a few years ago.
 Mai is appearing in a new drama that began three days ago called "Ore no Sukato, Doko Itta?". Age is creeping up on her as she'll be playing a teacher in the show. So far haven't heard if the series will get subbed but would think it eventually would as the cast also has many actors I enjoy watching. If it ever does get subbed will definitely end up watching and recapping the series.

 I'm not getting lazier in my old age(!) but posts these days seem to take longer than they once did. Was going to have a pair of them tonight for Mai, this one naturally and the other was going to be for her 2018 special drama "Tales of the Unusual". That's a long time running special which consists of five short segments dealing with horror or the supernatural.
 Watched Mai's segment earlier which aired in May of 2018 but didn't know there were subs for it until recently. It was a fairly good watch though wish the ending was a tad better but it did leave with you wondering why? which is normally a solid ending. Will start writing it up after this but know it won't be done until tomorrow so look for it then.

 Wonder if we'll ever see a sequel to her "Passport" photobook? That was released well over two years ago and don't think any Idol will ever top the sales of the PB which are around 335,000 copies sold. Perhaps Mai doesn't need the money these days and was reading recently her income for 2018 was the second highest of all Idols.

 With her immense popularity she can of course charge much more for mag spreads, promo events and CM's which means she doesn't have to work as much though she still does. Gulp, as we can see above looks like she's already printing her own special 'Mai Yen' notes! Been holding on to these pics for a while and may as well start off with them which are from the March 30th 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show that was held in Yokohama. Held on to them waiting for more new things but think she's just had one mag spread since then.

 Love how classy Mai looks at these and at other events too though she hasn't been at any for some months now. There was another TGC show held last Saturday in Kumamoto, first time there was a show held there but it wasn't as huge of an event as there weren't enough pics from it.

 There's a few more of these shows coming up in May so should be more pics from them, still need to do a post for the other two Nogi members that were at Saturday's show. Not many recent cards but have a few new ones here, top three though are from Nogi's current album which came out last week and sold well over 400,000 copies for a new group record.

 Now and again Mai has a semi-gravure spread but they're so rare these days. That's perfectly fine with me though as I really enjoy her more classier style and bet most fans do too. Have three spreads for today and don't think any have been posted before. Know two haven't but was unsure about this one which is from the April issue of Voce.

 Mai is a semi exclusive model for More, there's very few pics of her at their site but usually she appears in their mags and was the cover girl for their May edition.

 This final spread is a bit of a surprising one. Mai was an exclusive model for Ray from 2014 to 2018, she 'graduated' from them last May. But for some reason she made a special return for their June issue and is once again a cover girl. After the pics is a new CM for Mouse computer co-starring another Nogi member. It's really not a CM but more of a mini movie which was kind of a fun watch.

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