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Monday, April 29, 2019

Nogizaka46: 2019 Magazine scans #10- June issue of Brody

 Usually don't have one spread for a post but today's is an exception as it contains the whopping amount of.... 59 pics! Wow, that may be the Nogi's largest mag spread to date and why didn't they just devote the whole mag to them?
 May have another post for spreads in the next day or two as there are two others plus there's been a few other recent Nogi activities. "Sing Out" is the title of their 23rd single coming out on May 29th, no pics for it yet but the PV for the song is coming out in four days. There will be seven tunes on the single which is about the same total of new songs on their fourth album that was released on April 17th. That's been a massive seller as first week sales were 453,000+ copies sold! That's a new group record and album three's first week sales were just 342,000.

 Sigh, the sales have really increased since you-know-who graduated and hope that's not the reason for the huge increases!!!! On to the June issue of Brody that contains 59 pics but only 46 are new. That's because there was a 'pairs post' yesterday featuring the two cover girls Hinako and Miona with their spread and know no fan can ever get tired of viewing their pics.

 They weren't the only pairs in this issue as every spread has a duo. Next up are two of my fave Undergirls who are Ayane and Miria but can't call them UG's anymore as they'll both be Senbatsu members on the upcoming single.

 More Undergirls and this next set was titled 'Last Stroll'. It makes sense for Karin who announced her graduation but that hasn't happened yet. But sharing the spread with her is Kotoko who isn't graduating, she's someone I've liked for a while but wish she wasn't so quiet and that's a similar trait with so many Undergirls.

 There's one good thing about Nogi compared to other groups. Seems many of the lesser Senbatsu members or Undergirls often get their turn in the spotlight appearing in spreads, hosting 'Showroom' or having their own radio shows, much more than the '48' groups. Continuing on hope everyone isn't tired of viewing Undergirl pics as we have another pair of them. Both Ranze and Rena seemed to be quite popular years ago but it's faded a bit recently, when you have fifty or so members it's hard for everyone to be a superstar.

 On to the final set of duos which features another UG who is Junna, another gal we don't see enough of. With her is Mai who is close to being my 31 current Nogi member, once again will promise to have a solo post for her soon but wish she had her own mag spreads. Following their set are many group pages from the mag which is actually an Undergirls feature. Even though five of today's members will be Senbatsus on the next single at one time they too were UG's.

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