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Friday, December 13, 2013

Ayumi Kinoshita turns 31 today! Travelers movie screenshots

 Got this film a few months back and haven't finished it yet, watched 2/3 of it and enjoyed it but for some strange reason haven't finished it. Ayumi had the second biggest part in the movie playing the role of Yui who used to be part of the Dimension Police force but now works for a terrorist organization or at least some replica of her. Not sure because I didn't finish the film so not sure if the 'bad' Yui is the real person or a copy, will finish it soon and will be back with a review and more pics. Actually from what I saw would recommend it, bit silly and hard to believe but was fast paced and interesting, plus Ayumi looked A+. This film is also known as "Travelers: Dimension Police" and was released on April 13th of this year.

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